an early Christmas present :)

Every year the day before Christmas Eve
My family and another family from Church go to this amazing restaurant called
Stoney River.

Well, this years trip was a little more special.

As we are leaving the restaurant

Callie turns around and whispers "Francoeur"...

So I start looking and sure enough, in the booth to the left of us sat

Jeff Francoeur!
For those of you who arent familiar with this name...

he is the right fielder on the Atlanta Braves

AND the love of my life.

I didn't want to interrupt their nice Christmas dinner or anything so I just stared like an idiot while walking by.

Regardless, best Christmas ever :)
I am now ready for the Braves season to begin again.


I Love ya, Tomorrow....

Yep... Finals are DONE and I am packing to go home TOMORROW!

I've never been more excited... I cant wait to:
See the family

Be in the great state of Georgia ....Home of the Braves :)

go to La Parilla and Zaxby's... yumm

and Celebrate Christmas and my Birthday!

Life is just grand :)
Peace out Provo!


just a few ideas...

of how I'd like to spend my 21st birthday...

1) of course spending the day with my family doing whatever
2) Going to Ichiban Japanese Steak House for dinner..... yum!

and finally....

3) I want to do something I've never done my 21 years growing up in Georgia...
I want to go to Underground Atlanta and go to the Peach Drop!!

Yes, it's ghetto down there along with many people who will most likely be drunk,
but I think it's something I should do at least once in my lifetime right?

I guess we'll just have to see how I spend my night...

Sidenote: If anyone who will be in Georgia on New years eve wants to attend this shindig with me, let me know :)

tis the season to bring out...


Yes...Callie, Lizzie, Kate, Taylor, and I threw an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last weekend and it was sooo much fun!

We actually went to Wal-Mart and got our own supplies to create our ugly sweaters...
they were awesome!

We had tons of yummy treats, christmas music, and friends to dance and laugh with all night long.

Definitely a success during this Holiday Season.
I love Christmas time :)


ohhh gas prices...

Thank you for continuing to get cheaper by the day...

I was able to purchase a full tank of gas yesterday that cost me $19.50

Keep up the good work :)


i wish...

my computer would stop making noises
especially when i'm in the library...
(and i'm in there a lot)
it's kinda embarassing.



Such a fantastic break....
Not only did I get a break from school and Provo,

but I got to go to Sunny Arizona and spend time with many people that I care so much about- my family!

Granted, I wish my parents and Cody and Lexie could've been there, but it was still an awesome break.

It was nice to relax and play with my cute little cousins,

hot tub, swim, take a few In-N-Out trips (of course),

and have an amazing Thanksgiving meal!

It was a great trip but it went by way too fast.
Now I just have to get through the rest of school and finals then I go home 2 weeks from today!

I cant even put into words how excited I am to go home!

Its been almost 4 months so it'll be a good time...


To the best mom in the whole entire world...

Thank you for always being there for me

and helping me become the person I am today!

Happy Birthday Mom!

I love you so much and I hope you had the best day ever! :)


I am so excited for...

warmer weather..

seeing my cute little cousin, Callahan, and meeting my new little cousin Crewe!!!...

and Thanksgiving in....


only 12 days away! :)


This Gave Me A Good Laugh...

Watch more Nearly Scared To Death videos on AOL Video

Just click on it and it'll take you to one of the funniest videos ever.
Enjoy the weekend :)


Another birthday?

Yep.... these past few weeks have been filled with many birthdays!

But I want to wish my little sister, Lexie, a Happy 10th birthday!!!

I love you princess and I wish I could be there to celebrate with you!!!

Hope you had a fantastical day! Love you :)


The Weekends Festivities

First of all, I finally finished up with the rest of my midterms (at least for a week and half) so that deserves a little hip hip horray!
Second of all, it finally happened- the bees that lived in our house (they are slowly going away considering weve taped every crack in our living room)... anyways, I got stung for the first time in my life by a DEAD one! yep.. the bee was dead on the kitchen floor so as I picked it up with the paper towel, I felt a litting stinging on my thumb and sudden swelling. That was no fun day in the park. So what an awesome story about how I first got stung by a bee... it was dead. sweet.
Third of all, I went and saw High School Musical 3 with Kate randomly Monday night and we loved it! Of course it's pretty corny, but it was awesome! Kate and I laughed at the ridiculous-ness of some of the things, but I still loved it!

Anyways... I've been so busy these past few days... Aubrey Lynn Calvert came into town late Wednesday night! We wanted to make sure we got the most out of the 2 full days she was here! So... Thursday we went over to Callie's and made some breakfast-got ready and we're on our way! First stop...Spoon me! (Of course I had to take her to my favorite yogurt place ever).. It was a success; She loved it! And we just had to make a stop at Shade Clothing to visit our old co-workers, Juliana and Brigitte. I really miss working there so I'm hoping by Winter Semester I'll have a job back there! We went with one of her friends to Pf Changs for lunch, sooo gooood! That night we went to Lon's Cooking Shack! (Ok.. so I've been CRAVING some good barbeque place and haven't really found anything till Aubs told me about this place. It's just a block away from me and it's pretttyyyy good! I'll be visiting there again.) Then we went up to Thanksgiving Point to go to Cornbelly's corn maze! I loved it! The weather was perfect outside, and it was full of fun fall activities! And we got a pumpkin for only $1!!! It pays off to get one the day before Halloween!

Friday, we got up bright and early and went to go get manicures and pedicures!! (It was my birthday present from last year! haha) Then we went to the traditional family lunch at Costa Vida, came home and carved our pumpkin!!

We had a little trouble cutting around some edges, but we managed to finish it. I'm a little obsessed with it.. it is the best pumpkin I have ever carved! Then we went to Jason's Deli for dinner with the cousins and Sub Zero ice cream- such a cool place! its all liquid and then they put nitrogen in it and it thickens and becomes ice cream! it was way good! Before we knew it, it was time to put on our costumes and partyyy! We went to Alpine Village's dance party underground and it was so HOT in there! I saw a lot of funny costumes and a lot of friends! It was way fun! Then to end Halloween, we went to Spoon Me with some friends! Such a fun Halloween this year!

Then we stayed up all night till we had to drive to the airport at 415 in th morning! I didn't get to bed till 6:30 that night! I was exhausted! But it was so fun to have Aubrey back in Utah!- I was sad that it was such a short trip though. I keep bugging her about coming back in the Winter so we'll see what happens there.