don't worry.

I'm still alive.
I have only been having the greatest week of my summer.
EFY has taken over my life for the past week and will be my life for another 2 weeks.
I'm so pumped.
More to follow later.


today is the day!

I leave here:
To go here:

Dear Provo,
Don't miss me too much while I'm gone for the next 6 weeks.
I'll be back before you know it.
Love, Your Georgia Peach


have i been looking forward to this for months? yes.

the time has finally come!
EFY 2010 will begin in just a little over a week!!
am i ecstatic about the following things?

1. all the hustle and bustle of registration,
2. looking like fools at the hot and sweaty dance parties because kids think you are cool no matter what,
3. the energy needed for games night,
which now includes youth sucking up to me since I'm gonna be a BC... what up
4. Reuniting with some AMAZING co-workers,
5. stuffing our faces at pizza night because it is the best food we get all week,
6. the skits at the Variety Show that keep you laughing,
7. Reuniting with kids that change my life forever,
8. seeing the youth excited about the service activity,
9. the strength of youth activity- even when you get the most awkward one,
10. hanging out with some of the coolest kids i will ever know who keep me laughing,
11. having amazing session directors,
12. and last, but not least, the exhaustion that results at the end of each week.

you better believe I'm ecstatic about all of the above. it's only my favorite part of the summer.

Dear EFY 2010,
Thanks for coming so quickly. I've missed you this year and can't wait for an amazing 3 weeks with the best people I know! I'm so ready.
Love, The Biggest EFY Junkie You Will Ever Meet



Last weekend the Calvert Clan got together in Breckenridge, Colorado to celebrate my cute Grandparent's 55th Wedding Anniversary!
We had so much fun being all together! We were still missing a lot of the cousins and a few Aunts, but it was the first time we've had this much family together in a LONG time! It was so great to be with a lot of them. I seriously feel so blessed to have such a great family!

Seriously, aren't my Grandparents just the cutest things ever? I love them.
You can't tell from this picture (obviously) but we were SO hyper that night. I love it.
And did I mention how awesome my cousins are? We are so close and have so much love for one another it's amazing. We always have a blast together.

Representing 5 out of the 8 granddaughters. what up.
Primo!! So good to see this boy! It's been too long.
My favorite upcoming Missionary! He is going to be SO great! I'll miss him like crazy.
11 out of the 24 cousins (missing 3 in this picture that were there that weekend). We missed everyone else!
Nightly hot tubbing....
This was at 2 am after playing cards for over 2 hours with some cousins and uncles. One of the funniest nights ever!
My Grandparents and all 6 of their kids finally all together after so many years!
5 out of the 7 Sant's

It was such a nice weekend. It was great to get away from Provo. It was great to be in beautiful Breckenridge. And it was SO great to be with my amazing family. A weekend isn't long enough to spend with them. I miss seeing them all the time like the good ol' days! They are so great and I loved every minute I spent with them this weekend! Hopefully it isn't as long as it has been before we are all reunited again!

little sister visits the provo children.

Callie and I had the privilege to host our 11 year old sister, Lexie, for 10 days in Provo.
It was a blast to have her here with us so we could show her the college life!

We showed her where we work:
Took her to many good places to eat, like J-Dawgs:
Took her bowling with our friends:
Went to a singles ward:
Took her to our Sunday picnic and hung out with our friends:
Had A Memorial Day Marathon, which included
Hiking the Y:
Slip n Sliding in Rock Canyon:
Having a BBQ:
And ending the day with YoZone with Auntie Tay:

I think Lexie had a great time here! She loved our friends, loved the food, and she got to see some close family friends she hasn't seen since she was little! We definitely had a fun time with her!
Now we just need Cody Bear to get out here!



"my hobby is to look for money that cars dropped in the drive- thru. but these days, they just get out and pick it up."
This is what this old lady said when she was just outside walking around us when we were at the drive thru at in-n-out.
this made my night.


the six flags adventure.

While we were at home for the weekend, the 5 Sant kids took a trip to Six Flags! I was so excited to go since Utah doesn't really have anything like a Six Flags here.
And it was quite the adventure I must say...
We were in line waiting for Goliath, one of my most favorite rides there! And it is the best when you are in the front row! So, we went straight there and proceeded to wait for 30 minutes. As we were 2nd in line for first row, Lexie started complaining about how she was hungry and didn't feel good. I repeatedly told her that morning to make sure she ate some breakfast and she even told me she did. Well, she had a banana but I didn't know that was all she had until she was complaining at the park. But when you are standing in 90 degree, humid, hot, weather... you need to eat and she was most likely dehydrated.
So she started putting her head down on the handle bar when Callie noticed her lips were white. So she lifted her head back up to show me and all of a sudden Lexie started falling down towards me, she was passing out! Luckily we caught her and for about 10 seconds we were trying to get her to wake up. She finally woke up having no idea what happened. But we got out of the line and got her some water since none of us had money and a worker noticed us and took us to First Aid. She rested there for about 15 minutes while we went on a ride, had some chips and water then we went to Wendy's to get some real food for her.
Once she ate and got more energy, she was ready to go on rides for the rest of the day! I was just glad she was okay because I was so worried about her!
Then while on superman, Taylor lost his cell phone! We all told him he would lose his phone if he kept it in his pocket but he didn't listen. oh well.
The rest of the time at Six Flags was a blast! Most kids were still in school in Georgia so we hardly waited in any lines for more than 5-10 minutes! It was great!
I can't wait to visit again!