well folks, it's that time of the year again. it's this best friend, gorgeous, talented, model cousin, Aubrey Lynn's Birthday today!
 I'm so sad the only time I've seen her this whole year has been Thanksgiving for a few days in Denver last year. We obviously had a blast being together, but I'm sad I haven't seen her anymore since then. I hate having grown up lives. This woman is fantastic and incredible. I've never seen someone more driven and dedicated. I still am secretly hoping that somehow we end up living in the same state again someday. We had one great year in Utah before she peaced out of there. But maybe one day, we'll be neighbors with our husbands and children. And that'll be fantastic. So until then, I'll still love her and miss her and hate that we are states apart. My goal is to come visit this beautiful woman in Seattle within the next couple months cause I miss her and want to visit a place I've never been! So in case you can't remember why I love and adore this girl, take a peek at this andddd this.  I love going back to old posts to remind me of all the incredible things about this woman that  I love so dearly and see her many qualities and characteristics that I just LOVE about her. 
And here are some more reminders... favorites even about what makes Aubrey, Aubrey. (and probably repeats). 
Without a doubt, this girl can always make me laugh and bring a smile to my face. Hands down, one of the funniest people I know. She may not even mean to be funny at times, but I have tears running down my cheeks or my stomach hurts so much just because of the random things she may say. And I love her and her quirky humor. Let's be honest here, she wouldn't be Aubrey Lynn without it. 
This girl is so fit and healthy. She takes such good care of her body. She works out like it's her second job and eats healthy. It takes so much dedication, determination, and even sacrifice. It's honestly something I admire about her.  I need to learn a few things from her. 
She has such a light and vibrance about her that just radiates. She is so happy and such an enjoyable person to be around! And because of that, it rubs off to everyone she is with. Hence, why we have so many great memories together over the years. 
She's part of that model fam bam I have. Seriously, these Calvert women are BABES. I'm so blessed to call them all my family. I love the love she has for family. You see that when she is around not just her parents and brothers, but to the extended family. I consider us to all be pretty close and I'm so grateful for that. It's nice to have so many wonderful women in my life that I look up to and admire. 
She's always been there for me. No matter what, I know I can call this girl. Sadly, life has been pretty hectic lately. I haven't been the best at keeping in touch, but I know she is there. And I know she loves me. I'm SO glad that I have a girl cousin that is my age and we've been so close our entire lives, regardless of where we have lived. She's been such a huge blessing in my life! I can't imagine life without her! She has been a support and strength to me in so many ways. And someone I constantly look up to for the person that she is. 
She has always been a cheetah. I remember her room when I was younger and it had leopard print EVERYWHERE. and wore so many leopard print things. born and raised. 
And if you go back to those other posts, you'll read many more things about this incredible & gorgeous woman! I am so proud to call her family and a best friend!
 I hope you have a happy birthday Aubrey Lynn! I love you so much! You deserve to have such a fantastic day today! I hate the distance between us, but hopefully we will reunite again soon!
Also, shout out to her birthday twin, and fellow cousin, Jordan Taylor Calvertttt. my family is freakin' rad. This kid is so stellar too and I love his love, kindness, and thoughtfulness he has towards me, his family, and all the people he knows. Love you primo and prima! Hope your birthdays rock your world cause you deserve it!


Santa Barbara Week 1

After hearing for MONTHS how great and beautiful Santa Barbara is, we finally arrived! I definitely had no complaints that we'd be there for 3 weeks.
This was our first Sunday where we had Training! Yes, that's the beach right behind us.
The dream team was ready to battle the modesty checks during check-in. It's safe to say that's my LEAST favorite part of Check-in. We are always exhausted at the end of it.
Ever heard of the DLG? Well, if you know Jack Johnson and listen to his music, he sings about this place. And you would too if you've been there. The DLG is, by far, the most amazing cafeteria I've ever eaten at (sorry Cannon Center). But there were ENDLESS, delicious options for meals every day. We would grab tons of plates and try each other's food. And we had endless hand scoop ice cream. Hello, DLG 15. 
The weather was seriously perfect the first week. Being right at the beach, the weather would range most days from high 60's to low 70's. For a Southern Girl in the summer, it's pretty unheard of so I was loving it with this fabulous babes every day.

First games night had a little trouble starting up not to mention having to walk to NARNIA to get to the field, but all-in-all it was a great first games night. And getting to be with Ross Cat was fab. 
I love meeting baby siblings. This young chap is my dear friend, Nick Takis' little brother, Nate. He is so much like Nick it's ridiculous. I was happy I finally got to meet him. 
It was safe to say, I was relieved when Game's night was over and ready for some pizza!
Sweet Kaycie Q's baby brother in law came to EFY this week, which was just fantastic to see his lovely face again! 
Compared to other weeks, I had NINE counselors to look over that week. It definitely was a stressful week for me, but these girls were a DREAM to hang out with that week. These were just a few of the fabulous ladies I got to be with all week! I felt so lucky! 
And I know I shouldn't have favorites, but these boys were so fun! When I don't have actual youth in a group of my own, it's hard to find those that you can connect with. These boys were hanging around me all week, eating meals with me, sharing insights with me on things they have been learning, and even waiting in line to get me ice cream! Such a handful, but such great kids!
I was happy to finally have the EFY life with this kid too. He was helping with the Musical Program all week so I didn't see him too much that first week, but we partied together as much as possible! 
And this great kid, Truman, was with us our first week in Sacramento and came to this week as well! We called him our CIT (Counselor in Training) cause he became best buds with all the counselors and was such a fun kid to hang around all week! 
And going week after week with little sleep, Mama Suz was always there giving us Emergen-C to avoid getting sick. Such a great Mama. 
Week 1 was over so of course we headed over to downtown Santa Barbara for the afternoon, hit up the beach for a little bit, and walked around. It was a great day to relax instead of traveling to our next destination like we had done the previous weeks! 
I honestly was so sad week 1 was over, but ready for another great 2 weeks in beautiful Santa Barbara. 


Georgia On My Mind.

that can mean one thing...
I'm going back to Georgia today... FOR A WEEK!
Adios 100 degree weather, I'm going back to the 80's. (is it weird that I felt like 80 degrees is cold so I may need a jacket? holy cow... who am I?!) 
it's an even better trip this time because Tay, Cal, and Brandon will all be joining us as well! it'll be great to spend some time with the sibs. we all haven't been home together since Christmas!  
and not ONLY do I get to spend time with all the fam, but The Johnson's are now Georgia Residents and I am more than excited to see the best friend and hubs! 
and of course, this adorable dog. 
ya, i'm excited.
see ya soon, Georgia!