So You Think You Can Dance?

After much waited anticipation... the day finally arrived where Callie, Lizzie, Kaycie, and I headed up to Salt Lake City, Utah for the So You Think You Can Dance concert!!! This was such an amazing concert! After the show was over- we all went outside and waited for everyone to come out! We ended up waiting an hour and a half before they all came out! We got to meet all 13 people from the tour- Josh, Twitch, Katee, Courtney, Gev, Chelsie H., Kherington, Will, Jessica, Comfort, Thayne, Chelsea T., and Mark! They all took time to give us hugs and actually have a conversation with us. They were all so nice and funny! It was so amazing!!! I love them all!
So here are the awaited pictures that my little sister wants to see :)

Courtney! Chelsie! Chelsea T. The girls! Jessica Katee Twitch Thayne Gev Josh! Season 4 winner! Mark Comfort Kherington And Sexy Will! :)

I seriously love So You Think You Can Dance! The concert was amazing and totally worth the wait to meet all of them!


These are my obsessions...

Spoon Me.
The most delicious frozen yogurt you could ever have. I think I might be a little too obsessed.I guess that's kind of a good thing considering it's good for you..the only downfall- I go wayyy too many times in one week; thats where all my money goes. So if you haven't been there yet in Provo, I suggest you put it on your to-do list.

The Olympics.
I know that they are over... but I am still obsessed with it. I LOVED watching the olympics this past summer- good thing I didn't really have a life those 2 weeks cause the majority of my nights were spent in front of my tv watching them. My favorites... Swimming- People such as Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte- absolutely love them. The races were always filled with excitment and I found myself standing on the couch screaming sometimes... especially the two close calls with Phelps; and then there was Gymnastics- Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin are amazing performances; and Beach Volleyball- Misty May and Kerri Walsh were always exciting to watch.
And of course I could go on and on about everything I watched and loved abotu the Olympics. My goal: Attending the Olympics in London 2012.

The Braves.
I'm no fairweather fan. Whether they are in first place or 20 games behind, I will always cheer on the Braves and love them. It just wasnt our season with all our injured players and trading players. Hopefully by next year they will realize what they need to do to fix this problem so we can do better. I am already missing Turner Field.

Lake Powell.
It's been 3 years since I've been to Lake Powell, but it is my most favorite place to go to on vacation! If you've never been there, I suggest that should be another thing to add on to your to do list. It is the most relaxing and beautiful place you'd ever go to. You don't have to worry about anything while you're there. There is no internet, no t.v, and no phone service. All you do is relax, wakeboard, ski, tube, jet ski, and enjoy time with friends and family in the sun. I am looking forward to going back there next summer.

Georgia Thunderstorms.
I love the lightning, the thunder, the smell of the rain, basically everything about them- I love. I often find myself standing outside in the middle of a huge rainstorm just loving it all even when lightning gets so close to us. There is nothing like the thunderstorms in the South, I can guarantee that.

I have had the opportunity to be an EFY conuselor for the past 2 years and I LOVE it. It is such an amazing experience that is has helped strengthen me in so many ways. It is so awesome to see how strong the youth are in this church. They are the best weeks of my summer and I have so much fun while I'm there. I strengthen friendships as well as make new amazing friends every year. I will definitely be a counselor next summer and am already looking forward to it!

BYU Football
I'm so happy it's football season! I love going to college football games! It;s so fun being in the stands cheering with all the BYU students and your friends for the cougars. It is filled with so much excitment in every game! BYU is supposed to do very well this year. We'll see how it all goes, but so far, so good. :)


Back to the Land of Provo!!!

Words cannot describe how great it is to be back in Provo!
I have definitely missed it and it's weird to think I've already been here for over a week now! It's been pretty busy the whole time too.
The day we got here, last Wednesday night,we had to deal with some issues. We head to Our new place and it wasn't even ready for us to move into and it was a disaster! So Kate's parents told us we aren't living there. So we proceeded the next day to move out ALL of our stuff
from the house and moved it into a Uhaul and began the process of searching for a new place. By 3:00 on Thursday after searching all day, we found a cute little house south of campus and moved in! There are still a few things that need to get done, but the house is looking good so far! It doesn't look too great from the outside, but its really cute! The only downfall is that I live semi-far from campus and I'm not in that apartment environment anymore. But I think it'll be a good thing and Kate and I will have a fun time. And our roommates seem to be pretty nice so we'll see how it turns out this year. I'm always up for new adventures.
So that was all figured out. Then Friday night at the BYU vs UGA soccer game, I could tell I was coming down with something. So I ended up being sick for the rest of Friday and basically all Saturday. I slept all day Saturday, except for the hour and a half I went to the Football game before I couldn't handle it anymore. I had to go to at least a little of our first home game so I'm glad I was able to go to a little of it. And I'm way excited about where we sit and who I sit with. It'll be a way fun season.
Luckily I felt better by Sunday night because Jared surprised us and came into town for a couple days before his sister Jenn went up to BYU-Idaho! It was so fun hanging out with him a couple times and going back to our good times Freshman year!!

Then Monday was my friend, Lizzie's birthday. So we went to Trafalga and mini golfed- I lost by 1!! And I got 2 hole in 1's too! It was a little dissapointing but I got over it quick. Then we went to Cafe Rio after that with everyone! It was fun to spend the last day of summer with friends and having a good time!

So now it's on to the joys of going back to school... It's looking like it will be a good semester. I'm only nervous about Western Humanities. I'm just hoping to survive that class.

But I'm really excited for the school year. I'm happy to be back and I think it'll be a fun year!