Valentines Day Happenings.

So like I said before, I have rekindled my relationship with February 14th. Valentines Day is a GREAT day!
And this year, it was a happy day spent with those I love!

Highlights from the day:
-Weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! Some of the day was spent on our little porch outside reading.
-Miss Kaycie Q here bought all the roommates roses along with a princess valentine card. Such a tender girl she is! And not to mention, she looks SMOKIN' hot for her date with the Alejandro man for the evening.
-I went on a HOT date with 3 of my roommates to Costa Vida and then we all squeezed into a photo booth for some classic pictures that are now posted on our fridge for all the world to see.
-We came home to this surprise of balloons and candy from Miss Nicole Erin Wait. We were excited to say the least. Such a sweetheart! We sure do love her!
-Stopping by some friends houses that night to hang out for a bit, slurpees included.
-Ending the night playing Mario Kart with Mia

Needless to say, I love my family, I love my friends, and I loved Valentines Day 2011.



i was just informed that these 2 gems in my life will officially be attending my graduation at the end of April.
I CANNOT even wait :)
get ready for a party in Provo!


basketball weekend.

last weekend was full of basketball games!
Friday night, Mia got a group together and we all went to the Jazz vs Suns game! Since I was the driver, I voted on going to chick-fil-a for dinner on our way up and it was delicious, as always! It's nice to do different things every once in a while on weekends. Being poor college students, it's hard to actually want to spend money on things. But this was a nice change and a fun game! [Even if we were the VERY top row!]
The next day was the BYU vs Utah basketball game! And once again, we got a group together and went to the game! Before the game, we went to Zack's work to make these Jimmer heads to hold up during the game! I love BYU basketball games! They are always so fun and BYU is SO good! What makes it even better is when you go with people who are as big of fans are you are! Of course, BYU won and we all had a fun time! Not to mention, Emily came down for the weekend so it was a treat to spend a little bit of time with her! :)
we just love Jimmer and love those Cougars!

an office wedding.

one of our office family members, Jason, is no longer a part of the single crowd in the office! A few of us met up and went to his reception in Lindon! The place was gorgeous and the food/treats were delicious! He looked SO happy and we couldn't be happier for him!
Some of our cool advisors also came and partied with us too! You could say it was a great time! We lucked out with some pretty awesome advisors!
We grabbed some yummy candy,
signed the guest book,
and peaced out.
Wedding receptions are great, especially if you go with great people. It was a fun time with some of my awesome co-workers and we are so happy for Jason!



It's is a very special day for this friend I have, Miss Emily McBride aka Em Bem.
Today is her 23rd Birthday and I'm so excited I get to celebrate with her!!!!! We weren't that good of friends on her last birthday so I only stopped by her place for a little bit with Kyle. But not this year... we are going to partyyyy it up! :)
Em and I met at work a little over a year ago now. I remember the day I met her-she just came up to my desk all happy and smiley. She was so friendly and nice to me. She made me feel SO welcomed and I was hoping we'd become friends because she seemed like a really "kewl" girl, and that we did. We played many scrabble games and were always wanting the gossip from our other co-workers. It was a grand time working with this lady. Sadly, we only had a short time to work together, but we are hoping we will get to work together again. Fingers crossed!!!
There are just SO many reasons why I love this fabulous girl! But to name a few...

Emily is SUPER talented! If you have never heard her play the guitar and/or sing- you really should ask her to do that for you sometime. She is AMAZING! And I'm not just saying that... any chance I get, I ask her to play me some of my favorite songs that she sings. I seriously wish I could sing and play like she does. Amazing doesn't even describe it.
Emily LOVES to have picnics with me! No one wanted to go with me when the weather was warming up last year except for this girl. We had a blast just sitting on our blanket, talking, eating, and making sure the ducks wouldn't come near me (cause maybe I was afraid of them)! Regardless, I could always count on her to come have a picnic in the park and it was always a good time!
Emily loves to do fun things! Whether it's decorating crazy pizzas or going to last minute concerts- anytime I'm with Emily, it'll be a good time. There is never a dull moment in my life when I am with her. She always puts a smile on my face!
Em is a pretty great friend to have! I know that I can always count on her whenever I need someone, I can trust her, she'll be there to cheer me up, make me feel loved, will listen to me complain, can give great advice, helps me with my papers, she'll laugh at me or with me, and I know that she cares for me. There's not many people like Emily in this world so I feel pretty lucky to have her in my life.
Emily LOVES dance parties! Even if we are the only ones in the room dancing, she will continue to dance crazy with me and sing all the words to the songs. AND, she loves my "efy dancing" skills I have, which make me feel like I am a great dancer (even though everyone knows I'm not).
Emily makes me feel like I'm a funny person. And I think Emily is a funny person. She will always make me laugh. We like to act ridiculous when we are with each other and will constantly be laughing at one another. It's a pretty great thing.
Without fail, I can always count on Em to talk on gchat during our long, maybe boring days at work. It gets quite entertaining with "creepy texts", random websites/videos to look at, gossiping about whatever, etc. It helps our days go by faster.
I love the love Emily has for her family. I know that she loves her brothers and parents more than anything in this world and would drop everything for them. She understands me and I understand her when we talk about our families cause we both seem to have pretty awesome ones!
So here is to one of the greatest friends I have! I could seriously go on about so many great things about Emily! I am sooooo glad that I got that job a year ago so we could meet and become such great friends this year! And, I am SO excited you are moving back down to Provo so we can hang out more! I hope you have the BEST birthday ever today Em Bem! I LOVE YOU :)


becker boy.

today in class we were talking about animals and the roles they play in our lives.
we talked a lot about dogs- looked at cute pictures, and watched funny videos.
it's funny cause sometimes we treat our animals like real people.
for instance, sometimes I'll hear Becker barking in the background while I'm talking to my Mom on the phone. My Mom then decides to put it on speaker phone cause she wants me to start "talking" to my dog. Right, like he understands. Not to mention, I feel ridiculous. but I do it cause I love him. haha.

anyways, it made me miss this cute puppy of mine A LOT today.
I am so glad we decided to get this a dog when I was in High School.
He is the funniest puppy and such a great part of our family!
I love taking him on car rides with me because he just gets so excited. Sometimes I forget he's in the back and you'll just hear him sliding. But he's okay and he knows I didn't do it on purpose. He's one tough pup.
Or I love when he howls like crazy when we ask him if he wants to go on a walk and he'll start prancing around the room.
i just love my Becker Boy and wish he could live with me in Utah!


love today.

i'll be honest, I wasn't looking forward to Valentines Day.
an extra reminder that I am single? no thanks. i'll pass.
But then I snapped out of it.
I remember those days growing up where I LOVED Valentines Day! I loved making cards for the kids in my class, I loved getting carnations from friends in school, I loved wearing pink and red, I loved the festive treats... I just LOVED everything about Valentines Day!
I don't know what switched or made me wish that we could skip February 14th all together. I guess since I am older, I put this wild idea in my head that Valentines Day holds no significance for me if I don't have that special someone to celebrate it with.
how stupid.
Thank goodness I knocked some sense into me just in time to enjoy today.
Valentines Day is all about love!
[And it isn't just for those who have a significant other or meant for the romance side of love]
For me, it's about remembering those people who I love in my life and who love me in theirs.
I am so lucky I get to surround myself with people I love on this wonderful holiday!
Today, I am full of extra love for the amazing family and friends I have in my life!
I'm sorry I don't have anything special to give you to on this extra special day, but know that I love you.
Happy Valentines Day Everyone! :)


i love this place.

and loved going with these two ladies tonight :)

put a smile on my face.

what can make a day that has turned completely upside down just a little bit better?
getting surprise "attacks" on campus from these two gentleman:

Mr. Philip William Stewart
Mr. Benjamin Dean
thank goodness for my efy friends.
i sure do love them :)


no battle.

i have the greatest siblings. ever.
how'd i get so lucky?
all i know is that i love these 4 very, very, much.
i would do anything for them.


in honor of the month of february.

i love my family.
i love hot tubbing in snow.
i love my missionaries. [kate, jordan, dallin, justin]
i love sunglasses.
i love road trips.
i love bike rides.
i love my job.
i love games.
i love good food.
i love hats.
i love my cousins.
i love the temple.
i love my roommates.
i love tennis.
i love to cook.
i love BYU.
i love my friends.
i love epic concerts.
i love thunderstorms.
i love the Braves.
i love EFY.

i love dancing.
i love my puppy.
i love general conference.
i love slurpees.
i love lake powell.

and many more things such as....

i love being Mormon.
i love Georgia.
i love the gym.
i love Sports.
i love summer.
i love music.
i love movies.
i love warm treats.
i love freckles.
i love the sunset.
i love picnics.
i love crafting.
i love pictures. [like the loads i just posted, sorry]
i love the leaders of the Church.
i love birthdays.
i love the good life.
i love a lot of things.