California Love.

After talking about this trip to California for months, it has now come and gone.
do you notice a pattern? I feel like time just flies!
California was such a blast though!
With driving so much, we definitely had some interesting and hilarious road trip adventures!

So, this first night we got to California, Kaycie and I happily attended the Braves vs. San Diego Padres game! It was kinda fun to be hated by everyone, and even better because we won! I was so happy I got to see my boys play! I won't see them again until June!
Our first full day, we went around the San Clemente area. We stopped by the Rainbow Outlet:
Then drove to Newport Beach to pay a little visit there:
Friday was wedding preparation day! We decorated and set up for the reception down in Palm Spring and the bridesmaids and sisters got pedicures as well! :)
The day of the wedding I said bye to the cutest little Nichol kids, Beck and Reese! It was so fun to stay with them and hang out with them for a little bit! Thanks so much Katie and Tanner!
Kate looked GORGEOUS and was glowing! I was so excited and happy for her! It was a perfect day!

Then we drove down to Palm Springs for the Reception that night. It was a carnival theme and the bridesmaids were in charge of making sure that the food was continually stocked up. But it was a great reception! There was plenty of food, fun treats- including ColdStone being catered!, and much laughing and dancing! It was so fun to celebrate Garrett and Kate's marriage! I am so happy for them and all the adventures they will have in the future!


To The Best Dad Ever.

[Yes, this is a week late, but with coming back from California, taking finals, and moving- it's been a little crazy. So I haven't had time till now to dedicate a post to my amazing father for his birthday]
So here's to you Daddy-o on your day of birth...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Dad! I think you are an amazing father and you have taught me so many things over the years- even if it's been some tough love. Through it all, you have helped me grow and become the person I want to be. I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate everything you do for me. I know that you are always there for me through whatever I might be going through, whether it's good or bad.
Although I could write a novel about why you are so great, here are just a few things:

You can handle our goofy-ness...even if you know we are acting stupid.
You love to be of service to others.
You love to cook and you are amazing at it!
You love Lake Powell as much as I do; that's a lot of love.
You've always been there to support me in all the things I do.
You love your kids and wife more than anything and we know that!
You will attend Braves games with me. You'll cheer alongside us and won't be embarrassed if we may be a little out of control sometimes..
You like to stay active and it keeps me going.

I love you so much Dad! I hope your birthday was wonderful! I'm sorry I couldn't be there to party it up with you!


"spring break" 2010

So remember how BYU doesn't get a Spring Break while everyone else does?
Well, no worries because every year since I've been at BYU I've been lucky enough to be able to go to Arizona with my family for their Spring Break for a few days!
This year was shorter than normal but it was so fun! I haven't seen my family since Christmas so it was great to spend time with them!
Cody and Lexie are continuing to grow up and it makes me sad! Cody is now taller than me! I can't even believe it!
The weather was perfect and it was a great time spent with the family!
And did I mention my cousins are just the cutest ever? Cause they are so adorable!
And my grandparents are just precious.
Thank you Spring Break 2010 :)


happy day.

so long school....


yes, it's only been a week.

But I'm off to California TONIGHT :)
Kate is getting married on Saturday in the San Diego Temple!
I am excited for just a few reasons:
1. It's my most favorite temple ever!
2. One of my best friends is getting married and I am so happy for her!
3. I get to see the Braves play against the Padres tomorrow night!
4. Beach time :)
5. I get to see some family as well as close friends!
6. I get to get out of this gross, cold weather Provo is starting to have again. It's April, c'mon.



in love.

So my grandma wore these shoes while in Arizona in about every color they have.
I will be getting these. Very, very soon :)
P.S. I am SO excited for Spring!



I'm just a little excited that I am to going to be in the presence with these fine people tomorrow...words can't even explain, really.

And just a little excited to be in this GORGEOUS weather for the weekend:

Apr 3





Apr 4





Apr 5





Apr 6





...just a little :)
See you tomorrow Arizona and fam bam!