K, Christmas at home FLEW!!! (which I knew it would since we only had a few days here before the holiday) It's sad once all the music is gone, the decorations are gone, and everything that makes this season magical is gone. 
HOWEVER, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were great days. 
Christmas Eve was a busy one, as always. Cal and Brandon flew in that morning so we all were excited to be reunited again since the summer. That afternoon, we went to our Annual Christmas Eve Christmas Program at church filled with beautiful music that focused on our Savior. I love going to that every year. It's a really good way to spend a few hours on Christmas Eve. 
That night, we had our traditional Christmas Eve Party with families in our home ward. It's one of my favorite things over the holidays because we always have so much fun together. They are the closest thing to family out here anyways so we always enjoy being together. We are interested in each other's lives, we like to tease each other about dating lives, spend other holidays together, go to dinner and a movie every year after Christmas, and we just honestly love spending time together. One of our favorite events of the night is the white elephant gift exchange. We try to embarrass each other or cheer one another on as it is their turn to open a gift. Just to show how well we know each other, A U of U fan got a BYU shirt, one girl who is obsessed with socks got some, and I got a "stud finder". Clearly, everyone is concerned for me and my dating life.  But really though, it's such a great time. One of the Dad's shared such a sweet message with us about our friendships and how lucky we all are. It really brought a tear to my eye. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people over the holidays who truly love me and care for my happiness. 
After that grand event, we came home, opened our pj's, watched Home Alone, and fell asleep only for a few hours before we seriously woke up at the butt crack of dawn since we had to get to church by 10. We clearly thought we needed more time since we had 2 hours to enjoy a breakfast and get to church. But it was nice not to feel rushed. The rest of Christmas day we just relaxed (watched lots of NBA games) and had the Nielson's over for dinner and games that night. 
It's always sad when Christmas time is over. I've really enjoyed this holiday season- spending it with friends and family that I love so much! I really think about how blessed I have been over the years. 
Hope everyone enjoyed this season!
Let the countdown begin till Christmas 2012!!!


home again.

i love being home! the trees, the weather, the family, the good food, the humidity, my home. i absolutely love it. nothing makes me happier than when i am with my family for the holidays! 
Our puppy is the biggest moocher I have ever seen! It's probably because we will randomly give him droppings of our food. When there is any food around, you can count on Becker being right next to you with those puppy dog eyes. He was just eyeing my Dad that night while he was eating popcorn, which was hilarious, so of course we gave him some pieces. We love our puppy. 
 And we made our traditional Christmas cookies just 2 days before Christmas. nbd. we still had a fun time.
and so did Becker. 
 We also wrapped all the presents that day so it was a busy, festive day! 


Merry Christmas.

"Because He came to earth, we have a perfect example to follow. As we strive to become more like Him, we will have joy and happiness in our lives and peace each day of the year. It is His example which, if followed, stirs within us more kindness and love, more respect and concern for others." 
-President Thomas S. Monson

Hope y'all are enjoying this holiday season and have been able to spend it with loved ones!
Merry Christmas! 


Ho Ho Ho Night.

'twas the Day before I was leaving for Georgia and all through the house,
the girls were having a "ho night", no boyfriends, or future spouse. 
 We got all dressed up and to Texas we went,
 and ate way TOO many rolls, it was a fun night spent. 

I've enjoyed spending this holiday season with these ladies,
 including seeing all the pretty lights,
 A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! :)
yep, i'm a dork.


two in a month?!

I must be double the luck this year as a roommate cause now this best friend, Miss Nicole Erin Wait, is ENGAGED!!! And I cannot be more thrilled for them! I love being around these two lovebirds... you can tell they are so in love and so happy! They are definitely one of the greatest, hottest, and funniest couples roaming around Provo! 

2012 is going to be a big party already.

Congrats you two! Wish I could be there to celebrate with y'all! 


georgia on my mind.

 After Provo being a ghost town these last few days, I am FINALLY heading home to Georgia today!!!!
And SO ready for all the Christmas/Birthday Festivities the next few weeks!!!!
Like baking way too many cookies,
wrapping gifts,
 traditional Dinner with the Mower Fam,
 Christmas Eve with our family away from home,
 the morning glory of Christmas Day,
 snow? okay, maybe that'll only be a one time thing...
 Zaxby's for the birthday,
 and ringing in the New Year!
Ya... I am pretty pumped.
Happy Holidays Everyone! :)


the proposal.

it happened.
Nicole and I helped set up,
 led Kate to her first destination,  and sent her on her way right on schedule for the big moment!

 Ladies and gents, I am pleased to announce the engagement of my bestest friend, Miss Katelyn Stone, to Mr. Marcus Hunt! They are only one of the hottest couples in Provo!  They are thrilled. and we are thrilled. 

 So a big congrats to one of my favorite couples! I am SO happy for Kate. She only deserves the best and Marcus definitely fits that spot perfectly! I'm so glad they have found each other. He makes her SO happy. Happier than I have ever seen her before. I couldn't imagine any one else better for my best friend! 
 I love you both so much and can't wait for the wedding!!! It's going to be one big celebration in California!!! :)
 And her ring is absolutely PERFECT for her! The picture is a little blurry, but it is gorgeous!!!
Three cheers for another best friend getting married. Every year, I have at least one roommate get proposed to. Honestly, come be my roommate and I'll probably rub off the luck on you.



Last Monday night is one that will go down in the books.
I ventured up with these 2 old (yet fabulous) roommates of mine to Bountiful for a special Mindy Gledhill Christmas concert at the lovely Krista Maurer's home. 
 Let's just say it was a magical evening. It wasn't just any regular concert where you could hardly see the performer. No, no, no. This was up close and personal with Miss Mindy. I loved everything about this little concert we had going on. Mindy was great, her band was great, the songs were great, and we can't forget those fabulous Christmas decorations that Krista worked hard on... those were outstanding (but would you except anything less from Krista? nope). Seriously, I just loved everything that was happening that night. It was so festive and magical. 
One reason for this evening being so great was that I was reunited with Sweet Kaycie, Suzanne, and Meg for the evening! Sadly Mia and Britt couldn't join us from the "Green Gable Gals", but I still had such a great night being with these 3! They are always such a fun time and I was glad I got to spend a few hours with them. And I may be the only one who remembers this (because I'm weird like that), but he first time the 6 Green Gable roommates actually hung out was a beautiful and sunny Saturday spent at a pool, listening to Mindy's newly released CD. Let's just say Mindy holds a special place in all of our hearts (well, at least mine) so it was only fitting to be at this special concert with these ladies.
Since it is so up close and personal, we chatted for a little bit with the lady of the hour after her wonderful concert, had her sign my Christmas CD, and snapped this photograph with her. 
'Twas such a fun night. Thanks to Miss Krista for putting together this special Christmas concert that I was able to enjoy with some of my favorite ladies! 



After all these years, this is the last Christmas season the freshman friends will be together. Besides the times people were on missions, we have all been in Provo (minus the Hawaiians). Well, let's just say I've been around the entire time. But come April, we'll start to separate even more. Some in Arizona, different parts of California, and a few still in Provo. It's so weird to think that this stage of my life is ending. Everyone will be onto bigger and better things: teaching, big people jobs, dental and medical schools, or still trying to figure our there lives (like me). 
Of course one last Christmas dinner had to happen; we all hadn't been together since October- so sad! So I rounded up the gang for a fantastic dinner the Sunday before finals began! Our food was top notch. Every one brought something for the meal and it was all SO delicious. it was definitely one of the beat meals I've had this semester! thanks everyone for helping out! 
And, as always, it was a great time. We first started off with Kyle playing some tunes on the organ. That didn't last too long (even though we are all secretly musically talented).
it's great to have these 2 cute girls added to our group! it's a good thing these boys married some fantastic girls who love being around us and we love being with them! 
and we are all still very single (minus that cute babe on the left...story on that later). But, we love being single together. they can be great company. 
I sure do love these friends. i love how comfortable i feel around them. i love how i never get embarrassed by dumb things i do or i say around them. i love how we are all so different; i feel like we each bring something special and unique to this family that was formed 5 years ago.  i love how we love being together. i love that we have so much fun and will laugh at the dumbest things. i love the time they take out of their busy lives to do things like this. 
i honestly just love them each individually and feel so blessed to have them as a part of my life, even if we don't see each other as often as i like. 
we all felt a little sad knowing this was our last  Christmas season together. next year things will be different, but i hope we can all stay in touch because they mean the world to me. they have been like family to me over the years. 
We really did have a great time with each other during our wonderful dinner! It's nice to be surrounded by such wonderful friends when you can't be with your family during the holiday season. It looks like we will need to make the most of the time we have left together before next semester is over!

it's the holiday season.

I would have to say that I've really enjoyed the Christmas season this year. 
Can you believe Christmas is only days away?! that blows my mind. And I go home in 4 days! It's not the most ideal, but I'm glad I'll get to stay home for 2 weeks! It's just weird all my friends leave this weekend and I'll still be living it up in P-Town a few more days. party on.
Anyways, I've done a lot more than I normally do during the season...probably cause I'm not stressed with school and finals every day after Thanksgiving break. That is one thing I'm glad I don't have to deal with!

I was so happy I got to attend my old work Christmas Party! It was fun to catch up with my old co-workers and meet some other great people who work there now! It was a fun filled night with delicious food, a white elephant gift exchange, and LOVING this house next door. Obviously the girls had to take a picture with it! But really, it was a fun evening spent with people I just love and miss every day!
Last week, our ward had a nice dinner in Aspen Grove near Sundance. It was such a great night! We stuffed our faces with delicious food, we had a few Christmas musical productions and a message from our cute little Bishop. It was a fun evening of remembering why we celebrate Christmas.
The next night, Kate and I made some Christmas Cookies to share with others! This picture thankfully doesn't show the disaster that struck our kitchen. But we had a fun evening listening to Christmas Pandora (such a fantastic thing), being together (since that rarely happens), and decorating some Christmas cookies.
Then it was onto Christmas parties for the weekend! 
Becks, Nicole, and I took a trip to the Riverwoods to work on a special project in our Christmas Sweaters and took some pics in the magical Christmas house we saw! Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'm just obsessed with Christmas Lights!
The next night, my house from last year through an Ugly Sweater Party. Hello, memories! Last year was such a fun time so of course I felt a little nostalgic coming to this party.
But, we did enjoy ourselves (don't mind Shaun's face, he loved it) for the good 15 minutes or so we were there. Santa even came to visit! It was a grand ol' time at the Green Gable home. 
And Sunday I slaved away making my favorite Christmas cookies I always make at home! Seriously, I had to roll out the dough and bake them before church for about 2 1/2 hours and came home to frost and decorate them for another 2 hours after church.
HOWEVER, the time was well spent because these cookies are delicious! And if you are lucky enough, I have shared a few plates of them with people.
Sunday was also our Christmas program at church. Unplanned, all the roommates (besides Alyssa who was having a weekend trip to NYC) wore Black, Red, or White. We just looked like a happy Christmas family singing together in our Christmas Program. But I do love these cute roommates of mine. 
Happy Happy Holidays one and all!