Remembering the Reason for the Season

Since I have been home, I have been humbled a lot for many different reasons.

We got news that a 15 year old girl in our ward family has had an accident- she was without oxygen for 8-10 minutes and is currently in a coma, causing and continuing to have severe brain damage. She may not make it. And as I thought about that- I thought about how much heart ache their family must feel. I can't imagine losing one of my siblings right now and it just breaks my heart to know what they are going through right now. It's a sad time for them and our ward and all those who love Hailey, but this is where the gospel comes in for comfort. What a blessing it is to have the gospel in my life- to know the plan our Savior has for us- and it brings me so much peace and comfort in times like these. I am so grateful for His Atoning sacrifice for us so that we can all be together again one day. It is such a remarkable blessing for us to have. I have taken the time to focus on my family and how much I love them- I feel so blessed to have all my family at home together during this season. Not only that- but I am grateful for our health. I don't know what I would do without any of them-They are and will always be my best friends.
Please pray for Hailey Miller and her family as they go through this tough time.

It's always great to focus on others and feel the joy of doing it during this great holiday season. We had the opportunity to go to the Bishops Storehouse today and do service for a few hours with a bunch of people from our ward. We packed up lots of food and things to send out to those who are in need of them. We always have so much fun together when we go and give service. It always makes me want to be the better person that I know I can be. How grateful I am for opportunities like that to go and serve others.

I can't even begin to explain how awesome my Ward Family is too. Seriously, I don't think I could find any other ward that is as great as ours back in Alpharetta. I love coming home and feeling the sincere love they have for me. It is a great feeling. We are all so close, loving, and will drop anything to help one another. It's remarkable and I've seen the love and service given just during the past few days at home. I truly feel blessed to be part of such a great ward back at home. I got so lucky. They are a great family.

And of course, I feel overwhelmed and grateful for my Savior and the love He has for each and every one of us. Let us ALWAYS Remember the Reason for the Season- to celebrate the Saviors birth and to remember The Spirit of Christmas.

Hope everyone enjoys this Holiday Season wherever you are. I love you all and Merry Christmas!



...ever heard of them?
If you attend BYU, then you have.
If you haven't, this is an amazing all girl A Cappella group that currently attends BYU.
And they are on this NBC reality show called The Sing Off!
It showed last night, will air tonight, and if they make it passed this round, they'll continue to tomorrow's show and hopefully the live finale on Monday!
So tune in and watch! It's seriously so amazing to hear all these different A Cappella groups sing!
And not to mention, it's so exciting that a group from my own school is on it! They have SO much talent. It's incredible!
Watch the show from last night here
If you just want to watch Noteworthy, they are on Chapter 4!

dear fall semester,

thanks for not being too hard on me these past few months.
also, thanks for helping me finish my finals fairly early.
you're a gem. now i get to go home and celebrate Christmas time :)
love, ashley kay


just a little excitement to share.

First Reason: I received an email yesterday afternoon saying that I am officially going to be a BC for EFY next summer in the Southeast! :)
A BC is a Building Counselor- basically I will be over around 8 counselors to support, guide and assist them with their duties.
So more duty, more responsibility, more fun.. I am so ready for this new and exciting adventure :)
Southeast has 3 sessions: The 2 in Georgia and 1 in St. Petersburg, Florida!
So far, I know my co-counselor from 2008, Andre, will also be a BC- so that'll be fun!
And even better- I'm going to have AMAZING Field Coordinators (THE BOSS)- Kaycie and Daniel!)
So you can say I'm kinda lucky and kinda, really excited. :)

Second Reason: Last day of classes are today. Which means, I'm done with this semester. I've finished 2 finals already and have 2 more! The end is in sight!

Which brings me to my Third Reason: I GO HOME ONE WEEK FROM TODAY :) No more freezing temperatures and snow for at least a few weeks! And yes, I was just home about 3 weeks ago, but I love going home for Christmas time! And I'm excited to see the family again!



"Why we go through hardship is something that is necessary. Life wasn't meant to be easy, we all know that one."

Seriously, Stephanie Nielson is one of the most amazing and inspiring woman. I feel so selfish for how I complain about things that are so small and stupid. And here is this amazing woman who almost lost her life, her children, her husband, everything.
For those who don't know her story, she was in a plane crash with her husband in August 2008 and was in a coma for months. Over 80% of her body was burned badly and she has to go through many surgeries and physical therapy. She is going through much more than I could ever imagine, yet she remains grateful and positive. She has uplifted me and I'm sure many others who read her blog.
I've become so inspired and touched from her stories on her blog. I have so much to be grateful for.
My life, my health, my family, the gospel, my education, my friends, and the list can go on.
She truly is an amazing person and she has helped me focus on the important things in life.
Thanks NieNie.

Check out her blog. Click on the NieNie Dialouges button on the right side of my page.

"Be grateful and humble in your lives, for God truly is Good."
-Nie Nie


why didn't i think of this?

The Mall on a Saturday, especially during Christmas season- INSANE
The Grocery Store on a Saturday- ALWAYS INSANE

Drivers are dumb, people are dumb, I should remember that for next time.