missing this woman...

Is it next May yet? I kinda want my best friend here.
18 months is just a little too long for me without her.
dear may 2011,
please hurry up.
love, a new york missionaries best friend.


another surprise visit back home

Callie and I have officially decided that we are done with surprises. However, we did one last surprise visit back home. But this time, it didn't include surprising my mom, which made things a lot easier! We surprised Cody and Lexie for their graduations! And it was a success!
We had a lot of fun during the weekend! The weather was beautiful, unlike Utah! So we went to the lake one day and it was so relaxing and fun! We also went to the Mower's home for a surprise birthday party for the Rupp's so we were able to see a lot of our favorite Adults from our home ward.
It was fun to be home with the whole family. It will probably be the only time we are all together all summer! So we loved spending time together this weekend!
And I love our Sunday walks back at home with the cute puppy!
And in case you didn't know, watermelon is my FAVORITE fruit during the summer. That and strawberries. But this watermelon was so delicious!
We brought this little girl back to Utah with us for the next 10 days so we will have many adventures, I'm sure!
Thanks Georgia for always being so sweet to me.
I will see you in a few weeks.


springtime in provo!

This is my first time staying in Provo for the Spring and Summer and it has been a ton of fun! I can't believe I've been out of school for over a month now! Although we are still getting snow (5 inches yesterday? seriously?) there has been BEAUTIFUL days where we've spent time outside riding bikes, playing tennis, having picnics, and just playing!
Along with that, here's some of the highlights during the springtime:

Kayc and I went to the Tulip festival! This is the largest man-made waterfall in North America!
Had our own little Cinco de Mayo party including our pinata, Juanes
Attending a wedding with friends in Salt Lake City
Sunday picnics
Doing a little cleaning and service with our ward
Celebrating birthdays
And going to a new favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. it's so delicious.

It's been fun being here this time of year! Not to mention it's much more enjoyable when I'm only working and not going to school! I love it :)


yes, i claim them.

be jealous. these are some of my best friends in their ward talent show about a month ago. they are awesome. enjoy :)


love these women.

This is for all the women who have made a HUGE impact in my life. I have been SO blessed to have you as my Mother, Grandmother, and fabulous Aunts! You all have taught me so many things over the years and I want to be amazing mothers like all of you someday! How did I get SO lucky to have such wonderful examples to look up to my entire life?!
So here is to my favorite women: I hope you all enjoy your Mothers Day! You deserve the best! I love you all SO much!


biker gang.

yes- sister, liz, and i bought bikes today!
Meet Zoe:
i'm in love with it!
and i'm excited to ride around the streets of Provo this summer!