5 days.

Till I am here:
sugar bowl in old town scottsdale
With these fabulous people:
In this fabulous weather:
Celebrating Easter with my amazing family:
Arizona sunshine, I'll see ya in a few days :)


i love this little boy.

k so maybe he isn't that little anymore. He is now my height, if not taller. and maybe he is on the 3rd book of Twilight, which is the best thing I've heard all day!
Regardless, I see this cute little Cody Bear in 10 days!
Woot! Woot!

the latest and greatest.

I can't believe we are already reaching the end of March! It's unreal how the semester is almost over! Seriously, where did it go?!
So besides the nice weekend trip to Vegas, here's the latest that's been going on in life:

I got to go to the Jazz/Hawks game with my Georgia friends about a month ago- and don't worry, the Hawks won :)
My friends and I went to celebrate Cameron's birthday at Cheesecake Factory too! It was SO worth it and SO delicious!
We attended the last BYU Basketball Home Game of the Season, and we sadly lost it.
My amazing grandparents came to visit during a random weekend! They are the best and I was so happy I got to see them!
Kayc had a Baseball Birthday Bash during a weekend and it was a lot of fun!
And.... we celebrated Kaycie's real birthday with much delicious food outings that day :)
So it doesn't seem like much has happened considering those are basically the only pictures I've had for the last month, minus Vegas.
But school was also a little hectic, many midterms, many papers, and lots of reading. But that's set aside, (at least for this week). So for now, I'm gonna enjoy this week and relax.
But it's been a good month, and I'm looking forward to warmer weather, and more vacations (Arizona in 10 days, California in 3 weeks- but who is counting?) and all the exciting things happening this next month!
Bring it on April :)


a good weekend trip to Sin City.

This past weekend, a few friends and I made a much needed trip to Las Vegas!
I hadn't been out of Provo since Christmas so I was long overdue for a break out of this crazy and wild town [slight sarcasm]. But seriously, I needed to get out for a few days.
We stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's house there so it was great to see my family! I haven't seen them in forever! Plus my Aunt makes the BEST cinnamon rolls- thanks again Lisa and kids :)

Like I have mentioned before, I am slightly low on the amount of girlfriends I have, so it was just me and 3 of my boys- Kyle, Carter, and Nick! But, Vegas was a blast and I seriously have the greatest friends ever! We had a lot of fun together those few days.

If you couldn't already tell, I like pictures when talking about things I've done, so here we go:

We walked the strip a TON. I didn't feel too bad about all the crap food we ate because we walked all day long.
went inside the sweet hotels and looked around
the shops that we couldn't even afford-

the boys inside the Venetian. LOVED IT!
inside the M&M store!

had some delicious food-
first time at the Rainforest Cafe- delicious.
Serendipity 3, like the one in New York City!

relaxed in the spa at night and tried to harmonize our voices. (we have some pretty amazing singing voices)
went to church
attempted to see the Belagio Fountain Show, but due to the wind, they canceled it. So sad.
and visited the St. George temple.
The weather was SO nice! It was extremely windy one of the days, but it still was in the 60's, which was so much better than the snow storm Provo received this past weekend. It's so nice to be within a driving distance to so many different places so every once in a while, you can get out of town and take a break from Provo!

Thank you Vegas for the major stress reliever.


see you later suckers.

Goodbye Provo....


dear school,

drop dead.
Ashley Kay Sant


Kaycie Q.

Miss Kaycie Q. Maurer, this is all dedicated to you!

You are turing the big 2-3 today! HIP HIP HOORAYYYYY!

Don't worry Kayc, you aren't THAT old....yet. So let's party it up like we always do! You can show me the ropes of being 23 when my time comes!

But man what to say about this girl... She has seriously blessed my life in so many different ways. Honestly, I don't think I'd be able to survive without her. She has really been my saving grace.

So, in honor of the 23rd birthday, here are 23 reasons why I love this woman, although I'm sure I could think of more!

1. No matter how I feel any day, you will always cheer me up.

2. We pretty much have the same voice when we sing, that's quite a talent. Not to mention that I can always count on you to belt out songs with me. But we all know you are the better singer.

3. You are a GREAT listener, which has been a huge blessing in my life and I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it.

4. You laugh at my lame jokes just to make me feel better about myself. Don’t lie, we know it’s true.

5. You love your sisters and parents more than anything.

6. You share a crazy obsession with me for EFY. We both come to the agreement that it is the best part of our summer! (Not to mention we were the bomb co-co’s in Florida!

7. You are a loyal friend.

8. You have a great sense of fashion!

9. We're gym buddies.

10. I can tell you anything and you’ll understand me.

11. You are always up for doing fun, random, crazy things with me.

12. You will be just as weird as I am, which makes things even more entertaining for us!

13. You keep me laughing- whether it's about cats or falling down in class in front of everyone while I just sit there and laugh at you. Or when I trip over a parking block in my church dress. And you just sit there laughing at me. We’re pretty even.

14. You come visit me in the ATL during the summer.

15. You have always been quite the entertainer, even when you were a cute little girl!

16. I can always count on you to be a loud and obnoxious Braves fan with me. We take pride in our team.

17. You have pretty, long hair that I am envious of.

18. You are such a hard worker. Working 2 jobs and going to school isn’t the easiest thing to do!

19. You aren't good at making decisions like me, which can sometimes be difficult but always entertaining.

20. You continue to be an example to me, making me want to be a better person.

21. You have such a strong testimony and love this gospel.

22. You are a great road trip buddy; we’ve traveled across almost the whole United States together- once we hit California in a month we will have traveled across the U.S.

23. And last, but not least-You are one of the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for and I'm so blessed to be a part of your life.

I'm sad I have already reached 23 reasons cause I know I could just go on and on about why this girl here is so great. You are such an amazing person Kayc. Who knew that we would become such great friends when we met in 2005?
What a great year that was and the years keep getting better! I can’t wait to see all the other adventures we’ll have together! And we have continued to grow SO much closer! You are ALWAYS there for me no matter what time of the day or night it may be! I know that I can count on you and trust in you! You deserve nothing but the best! I love you so much and I hope your birthday is the greatest day ever! I can't wait to celebrate with you!



is it just me?

Where the heck did February go?!
It's officially March 1st and I am SO happy about it! :)
There are just a FEW reasons I could think of about why I'm so pumped-

We are closer to this:
Spring Weather
and this:
Spring Training Officially Starts TOMORROW!
going to get a little messy here:
Festival of Colors, one of the greatest things EVER!
Almost time to go here:
General Conference! LOVE THIS!
Almost going here:
Arizona for the Fam Bam's Spring Break
and closer to going here:
California in April for Kate's Wedding :) Plans include: Braves Game (details later), Ellen Degeneres, DisneyLand, Beach, Sun, Wedding, San Diego :)
and this:
and, of course, SOOOO pumped for this:
efy- when am I not excited about this?

So you get the picture.
Welcome to March folks.
We're on to bigger and better things :)