don't we all need these reminders every now and then?

"Life is short. Life is precious. Life is a gift. Say I love you. Today. Right now. Hug daily. Forgive quickly. Forget the laundry, and go to lunch with your girlfriends. Get off the phone, get on the floor, and nuzzle your little one. Turn off the TV and talk. Look around. Look up. See the world. See others. Don’t go to bed angry. Don’t wake up late. Do the things you want to do. Go to the places you want to go to. Learn the things you want to learn. Become the person you want to become. Be real. Be truthful. Be great. Don’t waste. Don’t wait."
-Krista Maurer


February 14th.

Oh, Valentines Day.

What a treat this holiday is. I always love the extra reminders that I am single.

However, it’s not so bad when you know you aren’t the ONLY one who is single, so why not celebrate this joyous holiday with all your single friends? It makes it a great day.

My Sister put on a little celebration that night at her apartment. We had many yummy treats that were colored red and pink for the Valentines Day spirit.

We also had a friendly competition and made Love Cottages (aka- Gingerbread Houses). My group consisted of Callie, Steven, and Mike.

We had the clever idea to make ours in the shape of a heart and called it the ‘Love Shack’

It was the best Love Cottage/ Gingerbread House I have ever made! It didn’t tumble down, and it was cutely decorated! We even made a Love Mobile with a Garage, an M&M garden, and the Love Fountain. It was top notch.

We knew everyone was secretly envious of our Love Cottage and wished they had thought of that idea first. We had someone come over to judge the cottages- and we got 2nd. We totally got robbed on that because we didn’t suck up and this unnamed judge didn’t even walk around our cottage to see all the exciting features. I’m not bitter. We know, deep down, that we got 1stplace.

Which leads me to believe why everyone wanted to destroy ours. I was heading to the back of the apartment to save our cottage when everyone else was destroying the other cottages and an unnamed friend knocked the pan right out of my hand and our house was broken into pieces. It was a sad moment for our team. We just wanted it up for a little while longer to enjoy it because we were proud builders.

However, Valentines Day turned out to be not so bad of a day. This one will make it onto the list of good ones.
Happy Valentines Day Everyone :)


the run-down.

Not really sure where January went, but I am happy it's over!
Although, the month seemed to treat me pretty well:

Celebrated a belated birthday with friends at Pizza Pie Cafe:
Went tubing at Soldier's Hollow! SO FUN!
Went to Jump On It:
Celebrated Nick's birthday at Red Robin:
Went to Park City to watch Aerial Skiing!
Went to Park City a 2nd Time to watch Snowboarding:
Went to the Tumbling Gym:
Camped outside the Marriott Center for a night:
Went to Cyd's Baby Shower:
Went to the Amazing BYU vs Utah game!

So, that's a wrap! It was a pretty good month- ending with me getting my Job, that I LOVE!
Thanks January.


i want...

to hang out with the fam bam.
to wear Summer dresses.
to attend another amazing Warped Tour.
to go to Six Flags.
to see my Atlanta Braves.
to be at Lake Powell.
to be in the South.
to be at efy.
to be tan.
to be out in the summer sun.
to go to the beach and build sandcastles.
to wear sandals.
to spend a day out on the lake.

does anyone notice a pattern?

Dear Summer,
please hurry up and get here.
the girl who HATES winter.



That would describe the night Callie and I took our turn and camped out at the
Marriott Center last Wednesday night in preparation for the big rival basketball game against Utah that took
place on Saturday.
Call us crazy, weird, ridiculous, dumb, psycho. Whatever, we are hardcore and dedicated.
This is from the front of the line. We are the tent to the left of the Orange one on the bridge.

We even experienced some idiot who threw a firecracker over the bridge and it was literally less than 2 ft. away from our tent as we were sitting out of it talking with Jake and Taylor. Went off right in front of us. Luckily, no one was hurt- just a few holes in our tarp. No big deal. A big shout out to the classy people who did that.
(the aftermath)
This just in, this made it into Police Beat- a section in The Daily Universe Paper at BYU:
A fan camping out by the Marriott Center reported someone driving by and throwing firecrackers up on the balcony. The only damage was burnt holes in his tarp.

Let be honest, I was not looking forward to being outside for 10 hrs. in the middle of winter. I pretty much just hate the cold with a passion. However, I got a decent amount of sleep and really wasn't cold at all... Only my face when I would wake up occasionally.
So in case you ever decide to camp out, here are some things that helped us stay warm:
4 pairs of socks.
leggings, 2 pairs of sweatpants.
2 long sleeve shirts.
2 zip up hoodies.
hand warmers.
5 blankets.

So was it worth it? You bet. Definitely something I will never forget.
And not to mention, we had great seats for the amazing game! Way to go Cougs!


can we fast forward february?

January is over- yes! Longest month ever! But let's now get rid of February, fast.
just for a few reasons:

#1- Valentines Day.
Sorry, I don't like it. Maybe it's cause I never have a significant other. Regardless, let's skip it this year please.
#2- It's still in the cold, winter funk. I'm ready for March...a better promise for warmer weather on the way!
#3- Baseball Spring Training. Enough said.
#4- We'll be halfway through this semester!

So that's just a few reasons. Thank goodness it's a shorter month, but it'd be nice for it to be over now.