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Life is grand.
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Is it really just a week away??

Yes, it sure is! And I am so ready for another few weeks of EFY amazing-ness down at Breanau University in Gainseville, Georgia! I absolutely can't wait for all of this:

The mad rush of Registration-

Pumping up the kids at Orientation, where we begin to sweat for the rest of the week-

Getting drenched running to our meeting spot for FHE-

Dances in the hot ,hot, hot gym!-

Games Night, the moment where EVERYONE in the group loves each other, regardless of the frustration before hand to think of a cheer and make a banner- not to mention losing most of the games! But it's awesome!

And you can't forget the counselor clumping that always happens and the friendships that form-

Stuffing our faces with delicious pizza late at night-

Having an AMAZING BC who will color pictures for you because you call them ontime telling them your girls lights are off at night-

Making complete fools of ourselves, but no one even cares-

Not understanding fully how to do the service activity, but we do our best-

The trouble makers in the group that you can't help but laugh with-

Having some pretty sweet co-counselors that totally make or break the week at efy! I've always been lucky enough to have rockin' co-co's!

Singing/Crying the theme song to the Youth at the end of an amazing experience-

Staying up all night long catching 20 + kids trying to "rebel" the last night of EFY, really entertaining-

And you can't forget, all the Youth who make this week possible- They are the coolest kids ever!
It's so amazing to watch the kids grow so much over the week! They have such strong testimonies and help me grow as well. I think being a counselor is such a rewarding experience.

So you wonder why I just love EFY so much? All of this doesn't even give you the full aspect of it all! I'm ready EFY 2009, I can never get enough of your goodness.


Welcome to Atlanta...

In the past 10 days, we have had 2 visitors come! So lucky! I almost forgot how awesome Atlanta is! There really is a lot of cool things to see and do here! I just forget about it all when I'm always around. And we got the chance to do a lot of it- some we did when both of our visitors came! We also took them to our favorite places to eat that you can only get down south- Zaxby's, La Parilla, Joey D's... all delicious!
First Visitor- My Primo (cousin), Austin came in a few days after we got back from Orlando and stayed with us for a few days! We had a lot of fun hanging out with him for a few days!

We spent one night going to the Laser Show at Stone Mountain- largest laser show in the world! It was really cool cause I haven't seen it in a few years! And the weather was perfect!
Then the next day we went to the Largest Aquarium in the world- The Georgia Aquarium. It's been a few years since I last went there too and there have been some new additions so it was fun!

Then went to the Braves Game that night where we were losing 0-5 against the Cubs and came back and won! So exciting!

Then to end our visit with Austin, we hit up Six Flags with family and some friends! It was so fun, and we were so exhausted! Thanks Primo for coming!

Second Visitor-We had one day of rest until Nick came into town! He was in the MTC with Tay and ended up being in mine and Tay's ward up at BYU in Winter 08. And now he's Tay's roommate and a really good friend! So it was fun haivng him and showing him around the south since he's never been here!

Our first full day with him we went to Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke! We also did a little shopping at a great outdoor mall by downtown.

The next day was Sunday, so we went to church (didn't plan for all of us to match) and relaxed- drinking our coke bottles from the World of Coke and watching movies

The last day we woke up early and the 4 of us went to Six Flags till 5, then headed straight to the Braves game! We were exhausted! On top of it all- we went to the game vs. the Pirates where they went to 15 innings! We left at the end of the 14th at 11:45 cause Nick and I had to wake up at 6 to go to the airport! I'm so glad Nick was able to come visit us since he's never been here before!
We had a lot of fun with both of them and hope they did too :)

So feel free to come to Atlanta. This is just a preview of what it'd be like to come party down in the dirty south for a few days with the Sants. It's guarenteed it'll be a fun time.