Sister Stone?!

Yep, it's official! My best friend, Kate Stone, has just put in her mission papers!
I am so excited for you Kate!! I know you will be an awesome missionary and you will touch and bless so many lives! I know the Lord will send you where He needs you! You will do great! :)
I'm so proud of you! I love you so much!


Stayin busy...

The business doesnt seem to stop! The day I got back from my trip, The Holders and Darnell came into town for the weekend!
Curtis was expecting a red carpet and balloons so within 5 minutes, we put this together. We're pretty talented.
Saturday we played some tennis, then headed to their favorite Mexican place- Nuevo Loredo Cantina for lunch before the braves game
After the Braves game the All American Rejects performed. Calla wasn't sure what to think about it. hahaAnd we played some intense Rock BandOverall, we had a fun weekend together. Thanks for coming to visit us! Love you guys! :)

My trip out West...

Ok... so it took a little longer than expected to update what's been going on in my life, but things have been a little crazy.

I got back from Utah about a week ago and had a lot of fun!

I started off going to my roommate, Vania's, wedding reception! It was a lot of fun and so relaxing and chill compared to most receptions. She looked beautiful and so happy!Kate and I went on a date to Trafalga to mini golf, where I managed to get 25 bug bites just around my ankles and feet, awesome huh?Then we ended the night with a trip to Spoon Me- amazing :)On Sunday, Logan and I went up to Alpine to see his family and hang out with them- we had a lot of fun! Logan, Parker, Kate, and I got to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House up in South Jordan one day- it was so beautiful inside!
And like I've said before, Kate and I went to the American Idol concert- which was a lot of fun!I got to meet up with some of my favorites one day for lunch at J Dawgs :)Kate and I attempted to take a temple trip, but the wait was over an hour, which I didn't have time for because I needed to pack
Then on Thursday, I had a layover in Denver for a night, which was a lot of fun cause I got to spend time with my family :)
It was a long and fun trip, but I'm excited to be home for a few more weeks before it's time to head back out west again :)


Dearest Brother Bear..

Happy 23rd Birthday!!!!
Thanks for being such an awesome older brother Taylor! You have set such a great example to me over the years! We have grown so close and have had so much fun together growing up!
Here's just a few things that I love about you:

You have a passion for the Braves and will stand and cheer with me, even when we get into the 14th inning...
You are easily lovable... You always know how to be a trouble maker, but you will make us laugh at the same time...
You have good style....
You have become quite the Betty Crocker, wanting to cook and try to make things...
You are such a model...
and a superstar of course...
You have the patience to deal with us in our crazy moments, which happen a lot...
You know how to match outfits so well...
You become Nurse Taylor when we are sick and try to make us feel better ...
You are the best big brother anyone could ever ask for! I hope you have a fantastic birthday! Thanks for being brought into this world 23 years ago!
I love you so much Tay!


my life is complete... (for now)

I am having an amazing time visiting Utah this past week!
One of the best parts has to be getting to go the American Idol Concert and meeting the Top 10 after! We waited for about an hour for all of them to come out and when they did, it was chaotic! It was a lot more phsyco then when I met So You Think You Can Dance people last Fall. Probably cause Idol is more of a big deal; so it was crazy trying to get pictures! I didn't manage to get one with Adam or Anoop, which makes me sad- but I got one with everyone else- really though, Kris Allen was all that mattered and I managed to get one with him so I was estatic! I feel like a little 5 year old, but Kate and I had a blast last night and it was so worth it!


Where will I be in less than 25 hours?

Not just at this house with my lovely roommate, Kate, but I will be roaming around the streets of Utahhhh! :) (yes, this is really true excitement) I'm going there for my roommate, Vania's, wedding reception and then I'm there for the rest of the week to play! I'm so excited! It's gonna be a great week :)
Peace out South, hello West!


Be Thou An Example: EFY 2oo9

I can't believe the two weeks of my most favorite part of the summer has come and gone already!
Can I even begin to explain how amazing EFY was? Probably not, but here's a shot:
I spent the last 2 weeks with the greatest kids in the whole entire world! I could talk about it for hours, but in short- I have grown and learned so much from the youth of this church. They are such an example to me! It just goes to show how true this gospel is and how it can bless and change lives. I continue to learn everyday by their example.
I had an amazing 2 weeks with amazing co- counselors and amazing youth! It was so fun to meet back up with friends that I haven't seen since last summer too!

Week 1: I was with Jeremy and Philip and we had 16-18 year olds. Our group name was Verily, Verily- and we had the BEST group ever! Saying they were so awesome is an understatement. From Day 1 we knew we would have an amazing week, and it really was.

Week 2: I was with Drew and Nina and we had the 14-15 year olds. Our group was named Do Not Procrastinate- in short.. DNP. A different atmosphere and they were at a different level, but it still was an amazing week! These kids were crazy and so entertaining! I loved it! My little brother, Cody, also came for the first time ever so it was fun to be around him! We were a little more exhausted and my voice was gone all week- but it was still a lot of fun!

I'm sad to see my EFY summer come to a close, but I have learned a lot and my testimony has grown even more! I've also been able to make new friendships- my co-workers were AWESOME! We had a lot of laughs over these past two weeks and memories that I will always cherish! I love this church and the happiness it brings to me and others! It's a blessing to have programs like EFY to bring us all together; it gives us a little reminder about why this church is so awesome :)I feel blessed and privledged to be a part of this experience.

Side Note: Let's just say I have wayyyy too many pictures- so if you want to see more, just look at my facebook :)