Some of the best movies of all time...

Remember the Titans
Father of the Bride (I & II)
Rookie of the Year
It Takes Two
You've Got Mail
Three Ninjas
Those are all my thoughts for today.


Where a Man Can Walk A Mile Hile...

Kinda last minute, I decided that I wanted to go and visit my Mom's side of the family over the long weekend we had last weekend. And with gas SO cheap, Taylor, Callie, my cousin, Jordan, and my friend Kaycie piled into the car Thursday night and made our way to Denver by 2 am!
It was such a relaxing weekend! So here are some highlights:

We went to this cool hamburger place where you basically pick everything you want on your hamburger- or in my case, grilled chicken. It was delicious!

We spent way too many hours watching Season 5 of 24- it's kindof an obsession
We had a girls movie night with my Grandma going to see Bride Wars
We watched It Takes Two (one of the best movies ever) while doing a little arts and crafts time
Of course, we had to go to Park Meadows food court while we were there

Aubrey, Callie, Kayc, and I went to a Moraccan restaraunt and that was quite the experience.
We sat on the floor, we were entertained there from this belly dancer who was at least in her 40's- she asked me to take pictures of just her on her OWN camera, and... she made Aubrey slip the $5 tip from some dude in her bottoms- it was hysterical!

Not to mention we had to wait for about an hour from the time we were done till the time we finally got out of there.
Needless to say, it was a once in a lifetime experience I won't forget!

And we got to semi-celebrate my birthday again that Sunday with the whole fam, which included my favorite homecooked meal and an AMAZING birthday cake!

Basically, it was a fabulous weekend and I feel so blessed to have such an awesome familly!


you may call me pathetic...

But I am SOOOOO excited for American Idol tonight!

Yes, this is now Season 8 and I have been a faithful American Idol watcher since Season 1.

I love watching how much talent some people have- it's just amazing.

Welp, I think it'll be a great season and I can't wait for it to start tonight!!


There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays...

It always seems like Winter Break goes by way too fast;the next thing you know, it's back to school...lame.
However, it was a fabulous trip back home to the dirty south..
I got to relax and spend a lot of time with the family and got to see a few friends.
I was able to take time to remember and celebrate the birth of our Savior
And I celebrated my 21st birthday! I'm getting old.... haha.
Nothing could've made my vacation better- I was so happy to be with my family!
I'm so blessed to have such amazing parents and the greatest brothers and sisters! So basically.. I have the best family anyone could ever ask for!
We had so much fun being together for a few weeks! It was a nice break from school, Provo....everything! I loved it!
So here are just a few pictures of my amazing trip back home.. I can't wait for April :)