let's go back, let's go back...

Ok besides the tiny little updates on random things... here is an update on some other things that have been goin on lately:
First Off:
I did get to go to The Festival of Colors with Britt, Kate, and some other friends. It was such a perfect day to be outside and so fun! Here's just a few pictures of the occassion:
I am definitely up for round 2 next year!
Second off-
I got to go to Arizona about 2 weeks ago and spend time with not just my immediate family, but a lot of my extended family to celebrate my Uncle's 40th birthday! it was such a nice break! the weather was amazing, I didn't have to worry about school, and I got to spend time with my family!! Most of our time was spent relaxing by the lazy river and going to In N Out. And I got to spend Easter with my family! I haven't done that in a few years! It was a perfect vacation! Although once I came back, school ended the next day and finals began that Friday. But I survived it all and it was totally worth it!

Summer is finallllly here!!

My teacher was so great and decided to schedule a final for the last day, and at 5:45. did I mention it was for Humanities? Yes, annyoing. I am so relieved that my tests are OVER!
I am officially done with my 3rd year of college! I remember my first day out here and now it's just flying by! I don't feel like I'm getting that old yet!
I am sad the semester is over because that means I am leaving Provo.. yes, I said it. Provo has grown on me only cause it's where I have lived the majority of these last 3 years and I hear how amazing Spring/Summer is.

However, I love Georiga and I am SO excited to be there and see my family for a few months... and of course, I'll attend at least a few Braves games... maybe a lot. :)

But, I head out next Tuesday so a few more days to party it up in Provo until next time (which I hope is sooner rather than later)


finals, finals, finals...

Thank you so much for taking over my life for the next few days...
you are FAR too kind.

To one of the most important men in my life..

My Dad!!
Seriously, he is the coolest Dad anyone could ever hope for!
I can't even begin to explain how much he means to me!

-He has done so much for me to get me where I am today!
-He is always there to give me some advice, even in the toughest times,
-He pushes me to accomplish my goals,
-He is a spiritual giant! He knows his stuff when it comes to the gospel!
-I know I can always turn to him for anything,
-He is GREAT with kids- we've always had the best times growing up,

-He's an amazing chef!,

-He knows how to have fun,

and he knows how to make me laugh!
That's why he is the best Dad!
Thanks for being a great teacher, mediator, father, and friend! You have made my life great!
I hope you have a spectacular day!
Sorry I can't be there to celebrate with you but we'll celebrate in a few weeks!

I Love you Dad!


the future is looking bright...

The Braves have won their first game against the defending World Champions, The Phillies
1st Inning Recap: McCann it's a 2 run homer... amazing.
2nd Inning Recap: Francoeur and our new Rookie, Shafer, both hit home-runs.
First 8 innings: Derek Lowe, pitches amazingly!
Final Score:
Braves 4
Phillies 1
Yes, we got together for this special occasion to cheer on the Braves.


stupid highlighter...

So I'm being a good, studious student in a review session tonight and my highlighter slips and decides to leave a tracing on my shirt- not okay.
with that being said, does anyone know how to treat this situation?
Please get back to me, thanks.