happy opening day!

especially to my favorite boys, the Atlanta Braves!
It's gonna be a great season! 

March update time.

i've been fairly bad at updating my life this month, so i decided I need to play a quick game of catch up through my pictures before April begins TOMORROW (what?!)...

Nicole and I were good friends and drove Meg to her friends wedding reception. Then she brought out cotton candy for all of us and it made the trip worth it.

i attended my last home basketball game as a student, not to mention Jimmer on the team. Sad. 
And we did the flash mob, remember?

I LOVE being at BYU cause we get to hear Apostles speak at Firesides. This night I went with these ladies to listen to Elder Perry. So awesome.

We had quite a few birthdays this month too. Birthday #1 Shout out goes to Shaun Johnson! Nicole was a good friend and put together a surprise party for him at our house. It was a great turn out! And Becks and I were a little crazy. 

Birthday Shout Out #2 goes to this gem in my life- Kaycie Q. I spent the entire day with her shopping, eating, and going to see Tangled that night! It was quite the day for her! [she deserves it]

We had a team dinner at Heathers one Sunday night where we made Homemade Pizza! It was SO delicious and SO fun to be with these fabulous people! Of course we were missing quite a few team members, but it's always so great to spend time with these people!

Since Provo weather is so whack, we take advantage of the nice, sunny days Provo gives us. This day was complete with a trip to the Sev for some slurpees, Home Depot with the windows down. and a mini dance party on our stoop. success. 

St. Particks Day came and went. This was the only footage I have of that day. The clock struck midnight and as I was getting ready for bed I decided to be sneaky and put on a green shirt, run downstairs and pinch my roommates. lo and behold, they were all wearing green too. blast. 

I got together with my freshman buddies for a grand time at Texas Roadhouse for dinner, followed by playing games, and eating some yogurt. I am always reminded how lucky I got in the friend category! I'm glad we've all stayed such good friends and try to see each other during our busy lives!

I went to Meg's cabin for the night with her and Suz in Midway! Our time there consisted of trying to keep a fire going, listening to music, lounging on the couches all night and day, and watching Bedtime Stories. Sounds ideal, right?

Last, but not least, Birthday Shout Out #3 goes to this future roommate of mine, Nicole! We celebrated her special day for 2 days since her birthday fell on a Sunday this year! But I'm so glad I was able to share this special day with her! 

Well, that's my wrap up for March! (Festival of Colors deserves it's own post so that will be blogged about soon) 
I'm excitied for April to begin tomorrow for many reasons such as:
Warmer weather (at least in the near future since we all know how dumb Utah weather is)
Braves Games are in full swing (no pun intended)
General Conference is this weekend!
I graduate from College- WHAT?!
And I get to see my amazing family!
I have a feeling April will be a great month! 


Happy Anniversary...

To the greatest parents in the world!
Thanks for everything you have done for me to help me become the person I am today!
I'm so lucky I have been raised by such amazing people with an awesome family!
I love you both very much!
Here is to many more years of happiness! :)

bad habit.

i'm starting to form a bad habit where I try to squeeze a nap in almost every day.
Sometimes there are just short little re-energizers, while others a litttttle bit longer.
I just get so tired after long days of work and school that I need a quick re boost to make it through the rest of the day.
Is it such a bad thing?


Comedy Sportz.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never been to Comedy Sportz- an impromptu show they do here in downtown Provo.
Let me just say... I have been missing out all these years! It is HILARIOUS! (or at least I think so)
It is so funny, in fact, that I went 3 times in just a week.
And my friend, Shaun, is part of the show so maybe that makes it a little funnier to me.
Trip #1 with some friends was a great time. We brought some of these lovely props out of Becks car so they could use them in the show.
Trip #2: The next night, these two ladies and I decided it would be a good idea to return for another hilarious night. I have no regrets.
Trip #3: The next weekend, we took Mia for her first time and she LOVED it.
Needless to say, Comedy Sportz has changed my life. I need to pay them another visit very soon.


one of the reasons why I love the warmer weather...

spontaneous bike rides around the streets of Provo have begun!
[and of course, it's off and on because Provo weather is whack, but that's another story]
but this day was perfect!
i went to work, took a little nap, woke up to nice weather and decided to go on a bike ride with Mia and Meg.
We first had to venture to find our friend, Zack's, bike, which had been parked at school for over a week. We found it. Success. We hurried back to the house to grab my bike, Meg put on her roller blades, and we had a blast riding around the streets of Provo!
Poor Meg really wanted a bike. She was contemplating taking this little guy then all of a sudden a boy ran up and took it away cause it was "his friends". Whatever. She was devastated.
But we did take the opportunity to get some epic pictures of the one of many future bike ride adventures.
Meg is great. Need I say more?
Dear warm weather, can you please just stay here? I'm sick of the wishy washy-ness of it all. It is supposed to be Spring. Get with it. thanks.

sweet Kaycie + Alejandro

That's right folks... as of last night, my best friend, Kaycie Q. got engaged to Mr. Alex Foster!
I am SO SO SO excited and happy for this cute couple!
Kaycie couldn't have gotten a better guy for her! He is so tender hearted and treats Kaycie like a princess! He makes her SO happy and makes her laugh. Not to mention, they are going to have crazy talented kids! I can't wait to see the little Foster children :)
I know she is SO in love with him and couldn't be happier, so that makes me happy.
And yes, I had to put in a picture of me with these 2. I've kinda been around to witness their entire relationship and I know they are perfect for each other!
Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Foster! I love you both! I can't wait for the big day :)


is it Saturday yet?

cause I am SOOO ready for this madness:


time flies.

April 20th at 1:28 p.m.
My best friend comes home!
I felt like it was just yesterday that I was dropping her off at the MTC.
You better believe if I wasn't graduating that same exact weekend (boo), I would totally be there!
I cannot wait to see her face and talk to her again!
Hooray for time going by fast!



it's a special day for this fantastic friend of mine,
Nicole Erin Wait.
Today, we are celebrating her 21 years of life! And, let me just say, thank you Mama Wait for bringing this girl to earth so we could become friends!
Nicole and I officially met the day of the John Mayer Concert.
You could say that's some serious bonding time right there. During this very car ride, I knew I loved with this girl! This was after the fact that we had matching sunglasses, we LOVED John Mayer and just experienced one of the greatest nights of our lives together, had an epic dance party in the parking lot, and ended this fantastic night with slurpees and candy, which brings me to another point: we are the only living members of the slurpee crew. what up.
Speaking of epic concerts, Nicole and I LOVE the same kind of music. We kinda went to Sara Bareilles together (as in we were supposed to, but just met up after the concert). Regardless, we were pretty much connected there as we both experienced one of the most emotional concerts of our lives! Plus we love jammin to Avril, J.Biebs, Backstreet Boys, CELINE, He is We, etc. I know that whenever we listen to one of those great artists (or anything for that matter), she will sing just as loud as me! It's always great to have friends who love the same kind of music. It makes car rides that much better.
We have the same phone.
Enough said about that one.
Nicole has been one of my most favorite people to share the backseat with on a road-trip. I can't remember the last time I actually was wanting to sit in the back. I always love the passenger seat cause I am guaranteed lots of space. But not this time. I insisted to sit in the back with this girl and we could not stop laughing! Jamming to Avril, sharing head phones to listen to Sara, eating skittles, being way too hot back there, loving Parkers driving skills, etc. It was quite the adventure.
Along with that, Nicole is a fun person to go on a trip with! From sharing a soiled bed at Grandma's, getting attacked by Amelia, and exploring Vegas... it was a pretty great time. Road trip soon? Oh ya, see ya in a few weeks Vegas/Celine. Share the back seat with me again?
Nicole has been such a great friend to me. We've only been friends since August but I feel like it's been SO much longer! I know that she cares for me, wants me to be happy, trusts me and I trust her, and she'll always be there to listen to me. It means to much to me knowing that I can turn to her for anything. You only get blessed to have a few friends like that, and Nicole is one of them.
Nicole will do crazy things with me. (ok, so maybe hot tubbing while it's snowing isn't too crazy, but it was still pretty fun) Regardless, this girl is always up for doing something fun. And even if I'm being lazy, she'll get me off my butt to go out and do something great! I can always count on her for last minute adventures.
People ask us if we are sure we aren't related. Nope, we aren't. Sometimes we do like to tell people that we are sisters/cousins/twins... But I'll take that as a compliment because this girl is GORGEOUS! Seriously, just a beautiful girl inside and out.
Nicole is HILARIOUS! I don't think there is ever a time when we are together and she doesn't make me laugh at least one time. If I'm ever down, I can always count on Nicole to cheer me up.
Nicole isn't just a great friend to me, but to SO many other people! Everyone who gets to know her, loves her. You know how much she loves and cares about her friends by her thoughts and actions. She is one of the most loving and kind friends I know- hence, why we became such great friends :)

Another reason this lady is so great is because we share the same love for In N Out. I can always count on her to take a trip there with me, no matter what time it is, and if she's already been there earlier that day.. what?
Nicole spent the entire day with me delivering cinnamon bears to all our health internship providers around Utah County. Yes, it was a pretty epic time. But let's be honest, that isn't the most exciting thing to do with your day. Nicole is a pretty fantastic friend to do that.
If you haven't seen this girl get down, go to the next party with her. She knows how to have a fun time! She has become one of my most favorite dancing partners ever! Seriously, I don't think I'll ever go to another dance unless she is with me.
Nicole LOVES Tangled. And so do I. I think we both have watched it 3 times now, and come March 29th- we'll pick that baby up at the Disney Store and watch it every day... I'm not even kidding. I wish it March 29th already. It's going to be a great day.
Nicole and I also love to laugh! Which is why we share the same love for Comedy Sportz! She was there my first time I've ever been (just a few weeks ago) and then we proceeded to go 2 more times in just a week. We can never get enough of it.
I love the love Nicole has for this gospel! She is such a strength to me- I love feeling comfortable enough to talk to her about church things, and I love that she loves to go to the temple. We've been able to go together before, but we need to continue that. She is also SO in tune with the spirit.And just like me, she loves to take every opportunity she can get to listen to the words of our leaders.
Nicole will become my roommate this fall and I can hardly wait! :)
No need to explain more on this one.
Nicole is someone you can count on. If she says she'll be somewhere, she will be. There is never a doubt in my mind that she'll flake on me if she tells me she'll be there.
So Miss Nicole Erin Wait,
I hope your birthday has been a fantastic one because you deserve it! Thank you so much for being an amazing friend to me this year! I don't know what I would do without you in my life! You honestly have no idea how much you mean to me. I love you more than you know!
Happy 21st Birthday :)