Back in town...

I just got back a few days ago from Orlando, Florida with my family and we had a really great time! My Dad's cousin, Wayne and his wife, Cindy met up with us for the week along with their daughter, Jessica and her husband, Brian, and their kids, Jenna and Emily!! (hope that wasn't too confusing) We had a lot of fun! My Dad, Taylor, Callie, and I drove out Thursday and my Mom, Cody, and Lexie came out on Saturday after school was done. The forecast said it was going to rain all day, everyday. Well... that only happened once. And it was our first day. So the rain stopped for a bit, so we played mini golf- and finished the last 3 holes in the down pour of rain! But we managed to still have a good day!
We got to see Earth-which was fabulous!- as well as Night at the Museum 2 in IMAX while we were there.
We played some tennis and spent a few hours in the morning at the pool with the family most days...

We went to my most favorite place ever- Sea World! Everytime I go I want to become a dolphin trainer! It looks like such a fun job!

Cody and Lexie went on their first rollercoaster too! We were so proud! And as a result of no food since breakfast, the hot sun, dehydration, and lots of loops and bumpiness on this particular rollercoaster pictured below, I got sick that day right when we were leaving- 5 rollercoaster rides later. I blame the rollercoaster for giving me that extra boost to get sick. But it didn't last too long.

So minus the fact that I got sick at the end of our day, we had a fun time at Sea World!
After Church we all went to the Orlando temple to walk around and take a few pictures too!

It was a great trip and break from life back at home! We had fun seeing our extended family and spending time relaxing and being with each other! Plus, since we've had such bad weather at home since we've been here, we have now started our summer tan :)


May Events

Yes, I have been terrible at actually updating whats going on in my life. Instead I just post random things most of the time.
So, I have been home for a month now! I can't believe that ! I don't really know what has made the time go by so fast! We had maybe 3 days of sunshine since I'd been home up until a few days ago- so that was a drag cause we didn't go to the pool at all! I've babysat a few times and I think watching all my tv shows that are now over occupied my time, except So You Think You Can Dance is back and I am excited about that! :) ! I just recently got back from Florida for a week so maybe that's what helped speed things up a bit. I'll update that once I get pictures!
So here's whats been happening down in the sweet south..

We've celebrated a few birthdays of friends...

Spent some time at parks...
Got a massive tick out of my little sisters hair.. I was only there for support.

Our church made up their own "Alpharetta Idol".. we thought we were the stars

And, of course, I have done what makes my summer- Attend a few Braves games.. and more to come! :)
And I babysit the cutest little kids in the ENTIRE world- this is Reese. She is a doll.

So that's been my life this past month! Nothing really eventful I would say. June will be a busy month! That's all for now folks :)


our next American Idol....

ok, so I didn't realize I haven't posted anything since my last rant about him, so I won't say much cause everyone already knows how much I love him!
Even though I knew this competition could go either way- I was soooo happy Kris won! It was so intense those last few seconds as Callie and I were surrounded by mostly Adam fans- so it was great to stand and cheer on Kris! He's going to be awesome and I am so excited for his CD to come out... a little later! :)


i might be a litttttle obsessed with...

Kris Allen.
seriously.... rawr.
Call me cheesy and maybe a 5 year old girl, but every time he gets on stage, I melt.
He is very good looking, plays the guitar, AND is a great singer... what else could you possibly want?
It is such a shame that he is already married... what a lucky woman.
I'm pulling for him to go to the finale! Only one more week to go till we find out!
One thing is for sure- I will see him during the Tour! I'm counting down the days!
Some of my favorite performances include:
Falling Slowly
The Way You Look Tonight
How Sweet It Is
She Works Hard For The Money
To Make You Feel My Love
I liked Come Together and his duet with Danny, Renegade from this past week.
Basically..everything he does, I love.
I sure do love me some Kris Allen.


a bittersweet goodbye...

I was definitely sad to leave Provo. I was able to relax for a few days and spend time with friends and familiy friends for a few days before I was soon to be over 1400 miles away...

We had one last Rootbeer Float Party at the house, which had a pretty good turnout and was a good way to see some people before I left.Just a few members of my FHE family... 3 of my "children" and my "husband"And of course, my great friends that came as well!

Since no one was really around during the break in between Winter and Spring Semester- I was finding myself with nothing to do most of the time and no one was around to hang out really; Thankfully our family friend, Cyd, asked if I would want to watch the girls one night. So I came up to Alpine to watch them and we made dinner together and cupcakes for Avery's birthday. And I spent the night and hung out with them for a little bit the next day! It was fun to be with them! They are such cute girls!We got a little messy eating our cupcakes...

I was also able to spend a few days with my good friend (Cyd's younger brother), Logan, who just came back from his mission a few weeks ago! Our families have been close family friends since before we were even born! It was so fun to spend a few days with him and help him get a feel of the BYU life. It'll be fun to be with him and his brother, Parker, once I come back out to Utah! I'm so excited he is home!
So excited for his first day of school!!!
And... my last night I spent saying bye to my best friend, Kate, and some other good friends that I'll miss over the summer!
Kate and I taking a few pictures in front of our house-- we survived the Hornets Nest somehow
Is it time to come back to Provo yet?


Just a few reminders that I'm in the South....

as I was making my way back home, there were a few things that I remember that makes the South different...

You see this...

-Steak N Shake

-Waffle House.. not a big fan...

-Lightning- I LOVE Southern Thunderstorms...

-Atlanta Braves :)

andddd you Feel this...

-Humidity...yuck, not my most favorite thing, but still what makes the South different

It Does Feel Good To Be Back In The South :)

30 hrs. later and...

we made it safe and sound back to Georgia!

We started the drive on Wednesday morning at 9 am, made it to Denver by 5 and hung out with my Mom's side of the family for a little less than a day. It was fun to see them and spend a little time with them before we headed out. Thursday we went to lunch with some of the family and headed out by 2:30. We drove the whole 22 hours with stops only for bathroom breaks, getting gas, and eating food (once)...did I mention we had 2 cars to drive back with only 3 people? We all took 3 hour shifts the whole entire way- so we'd rest for 3 and drive for 6. We made it back to our house by 3:00 and were so excited to be done with the trip!
Here are just a few pictures from the trip- all taken in Colorado:
Saying bye to Jordan who will be leaving this summer for his mission!I still can't believe how grown up we all are now! I have the best grandparents ever!
Some of the cousins plus my uncle ross at my grandparents house
Here are just a few moments that were pretty epic:
First- Taylor decided to take adderall so he could stay awake and focused while he drove 7 hours through the night. Taylor plus adderall is a trip, let me tell ya. It made him quite the talker and pretty entertaining for Callie and I.
Example #2: Later in the morning Taylor and I are driving and I told him that one area reminded me of the Lion King with the fog and sun rising and he said it reminded him of Remember the Titans and then goes on and tells me that the air smells so good and that I should roll down my window. Callie was sleeping in my car so he said when she woke up I should do it! Well.. I didn't but I'm sure it smelled wonderful.
Example #3- my favorite... Taylor texts me and asks when we are stopping for gas and such- I tell him in about an hour and asked him if the adderall was wearing off- he said sort of but it's more of a bathroom break is what he needed but he was sure he could wait. 30 minutes later... I recieve a text from Taylor that said- I just urinated in my cup. I don't need the bathroom anymore. I busted up laughing...not only did he pee in a 32 oz. cup, he almost filled it up to the top and he was driving, and it was pouring down rain...
oh the entertainment I recieved from Taylor while he was on adderall. Definitely a highlight.
Second- When I started driving last night around 10:30 I forgot to take out my contacts and put on my glasses.. so I got everything ready and then Taylor took the wheel for about 10 seconds while I took them out and put on my glasses. Impressive and Talented... I know.
Other then that, the trip seemed to go by pretty fast, thank goodness. I'm just glad it's done for a few months before we have to take that same trip again.