summer 2012 kick off.

Hooray! Summer 2012 has officially begun! 
And what is a better way to start it off than by going on an epic vacation?
Where to, you may ask? Well let's first do a quick recap on past adventures this group has had:

2010: Our first trip together over a weekend in Las Vegas.
2011: We partied at the Festival of Colors.
So what has this group decided to do in 2012 (this Sunday to be exact)?

No big deal... We'll just be on this:
going here: 
Cabo San Lucas
and here:
Puerto Vallarta
yep... I'm pretty excited.
ready to welcome the sunshine, tan, freckles, mexico, complete relaxation, and being with 3 of my favorites:                                                                       
I am lovin' summer 2012 already. 



i've been obsessed with this weather Provo's been having. 
So on one Saturday, Becks and I decided to take a ride once my bike was finally fixed! (thanks Cam)
We strolled around the streets of Provo, got some treats at the 711 (where my bike accidentally spilled Becky's drink while this pic was being set up to take...don't worry I got her a new one), and then the weather wasn't so nice and rained on us all the way back to my place. Regardless, it was still a fun ride!
The next night, Jared and Ellie invited us over for dessert at their new place in Springville! 
Aren't these the best faces you could ever want to have visit you? Thought so. 
 Their house was darling and it was fun to get together and hang out one night before all the families came into town for graduation! I love how they just know me so well and ask where my camera is and why I haven't taken any pictures. Love them. 
 And i love my boys! So sad to miss Nick Jones and Nick Barnes on this fun occasion! 
Life is good people. Challenging and unexpected at times, but good. 

growing up together.

with the end of the semester coming up quickly, we knew we had to do ONE last run to Red Robin before the hectic finals, family coming to town, graduation, Kate getting married, and people starting to leave Provo (sad). 
It was a fun last run with the greatest friends I could've ever hoped for all my years of college (and a year after). 
It's been fun to see my friends fall in love and get married,
the singles still goofing off (but also taking life seriously), 
and still after all of these years, we LOVE getting together. 
Red Robin will always hold a special place in my heart. And it all started 6 years ago. Even though it was the end of our freshman year, that is where I realized that these friends were pretty fabulous and I hoped we would stay friends like this for a long time. They are the kind of friends I could keep around. 
I knew that I could always rely on them and go to them with anything. I know that they are always there for me no matter what! Whether it was help with my taxes, MAJOR help fixing my bike countless times, questions about phone/tech stuff, let me come over to their house every day (and never got sick of me), or just needed to goof off for a bit... these were my people. Over these 6 years we have grown up. We've gotten jobs, gone on missions, gotten married, graduated, and even have had some crazy adventures together. They are memories I will always cherish. They are the people that made me a better person. Although lives are constantly changing and we don't see each other as often, we remain close friends. I couldn't imagine my life without these people and hope that no matter where we are or what is going on in life, we always stay in touch!
I love these crazy boys with all my heart and soul. Up until last year, I hardly had any girl friends, so these were the people I spent 95% of my time with (other 5% consisted of sleep, school, work, and gym). They can always put a smile on my face! I'm so excited for them and their futures! 
It's been a fun run. It doesn't seem real to me that this era is slowly coming to a close. 
But thank goodness for technology because I will stay in touch with these amazing people! 
Love y'all! 


fun filled weekends.

the best weekends are the times where i spend them with my best friends!
i first went to my ward activity where we played some intense broom ball! it was quite the successful evening and SO much fun!
 later that night was spent with these fun people in my life at Shaun's musical improv in PG. we always have a good time watching him perform!
Saturday the weather was being nice so Becks and I decided to hit up the BYU baseball game that afternoon. she was a sport for lasting so long at the game with me. 
that night, this guy was playing at a concert night at someone's house. 
 so we rounded up the ladies and had a fun time there as well. 

and any evening spent with Brother Bear is always a fun time.
 Easter Sunday was surprisingly a huge success! After church I went to Tay's and Nick's to enjoy a delicious meal! Honestly, one of the best I've ever had! Not too bad for a bunch of college kids, right?
And it was nice to be able to spend some of it with family! Soon Tay and I won't be living in the same state so I gotta take those opportunities to spend time with him when I can! 
This weekend will go down in the books as a success! 

conference time.

I love conference weekend! I get spiritually fed and enlightened by some incredible men and women that are called by God.  SO many incredible talks, musical numbers, and fun times throughout the weekend.
Suz and I got lucky with some tickets for the Saturday morning session. 
Due to the construction that decides to be EVERYWHERE in Utah, we decided to leave not just 1 or 2, but THREE hours before conference people. That's 7 am. yikes.
But guess what? We hit no traffic and was in SLC before 8. 
So we decided to grab some delicious breakfast at Einstein Bagels,
 and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and walked around Temple Square for a little bit.
Thanks to this cute girl for the tickets, it was an enjoyable time sitting with these fabulous ladies and Sam, the only boy brave enough to be with us. I love getting this opportunity to attend conference cause I know this won't happen many more times once I leave Utah so I'll take every chance I can get!
After an incredible session of conference, we decided to hit up the new City Creek Mall right across from Temple Square. That place is AMAZING! So many people around, but one of the greatest things that has happened to Utah in awhile. Way to go.
We decided to go big and have Cheesecake Factory for lunch with some of Suz's EFY California people and also had to enjoy some delicious cheesecake! So worth it. 
Sadly the weather got a little crazy with the wind so we only walked around a little more in hopes of finding our dear sister missionary, Natalie Savage, but had no luck with that.
but I did find another Georgia Peach, Sister Bekah DeBoer! So fun seeing her! I can't believe she is almost coming back! Crazy how fast time can fly!
The next day was spent in Park City with the Reeves and Holders. I forget what it's like to be surrounded by children during conference. (you only listen to a few bits and pieces before one of them needs attention) Regardless, it was fun to be surrounded by my family away from home! I love spending time with these adorable girls!! 
Conference weekend feels like a vacation. It's a nice break from the ordinary weekend routines, but it always goes by way too fast! However, I got to enjoy the weekend with some great company and loved hearing the messages from the leaders of the church! 
Can't wait for October! 


better late than never right?

It's not often that I actually get to spend the fabulous birthday with my father these days, so this year was a treat! Therefore, I was never on my computer today until now... 30 minutes after his birthday.
But it is a great day for this incredible Daddy-o of mine! 
He has been such a light and strength in my life! I know that I can always count on him for any questions, problems, concerns I have. 
I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving, kind, supportive, talented, understanding, and caring father who loves me for ME! 

Happy Birthday Dad!!! 
I hope you enjoyed your day, even if we didn't get to do too many exciting things! 


Meggie Moo...

Folks, today is a great day for this girl.
It is the day of her 25th birthday!!
 I couldn't pass up this opportunity to give her a shout out because I think she is just fabulous! 
(if you couldn't tell from this wonderful picture below)
To read all the great stuff about this old roomie of mine, take a look at the post I made last year. 
Happy Happy birthday cute lady friend of mine! I love you so much meg and hope boston treats you well on this special day!
p.s. i miss you. 


Happy Easter!

"May we declare ourselves to be more fully disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, not in word only and not only in the flush of comfortable times but in deed and in courage and in faith, including when the path is lonely and when our cross is difficult to bear. This Easter week and always, may we stand by Jesus Christ “at all times and in all things, and in all places that [we] may be in, even until death,”  for surely that is how He stood by us when it was unto death and when He had to stand entirely and utterly alone."
- Jeffrey R. Holland 


just one of those days...

1. thursday is donut day at work so i pick up the donuts every week. not today. someone had already gotten them. aka the dirty shop guys next door. dirt bags. no breakfast for me.
2. wanted to watch the braves opening game today during my lunch break. boss is going to SLC for 3 hours, right during the game. oh well. bad timing.
3. braves lost. 'nuff said.
4. was purchasing my stuff at walmart & left my wallet in the car. brb.
5. committee members bailing 24 hours before our church activity when they were in charge of bringing something. perfect timing.
6. turned on the shower to get it warm only to come back in and see that I have flooded the bathroom floor because someone turned our shower head outside the bath tub. ya, cause that makes sense. 
7. and while in that shower, it turned ice cold. for the last 5 minutes. not enjoyable.

Now let's turn this debbie downer into some happier things of my day:
1. went to the temple with Mia and we were in and out in less than an hour. that NEVER happens in Provo.
2. after the temple we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Magleby's Fresh. i had pancakes. good move making breakfast all day long. 

Dear Thursday, I'm glad you are almost over. 


instaaaa allll day.

i never thought this day would come.
nicole and i would chat about it ALL the time.
and I was always jealous of those iphone users.... until yesterday!

instagram has FINALLY come to the world of all the Android lovers. 
 and I was thrilled.
am slightly obsessed. 
and have had nothing worth insta'ing for the past 24 hours until today! (tragedy, right?)

Cousin, Jordan and I decided with this weather being so nice today, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get back on that court for a little bit today and DEFINITELY couldn't pass up the opportunity to insta that bad boy. 
so there you have it folks, my first OFFICIAL instagram. 
and i'm also obsessed with tennis. 
definitely been a good day. 
Happy Wednesday!



Last weekend the friends and I hit up the biggest Mormon Hindu celebration in Spanish Fork.
Seriously, EVERYONE goes to this these days that there are now 5 different times you can go just on Saturday to "throw colors" and dance to the Hindu music. It's quite the festival that I've been a part of a couple of times.
Well this year didn't disappoint me. I made the voyage to the Hindu Temple with the old, yet fabulous roommates Britt and Suz and dragged Kyle along to be with all us girls (bless his heart). 
There were MASSES of people everywhere and this year they decided they were going to start charging admission to get in, so it was even more crazy. But we slithered our way through crowds, paid our fee, ran to the middle of the crowd literally as they were counting down from 10, and made it JUST in time for colors being thrown everywhere! 
We had a successful round 1. We were pretty proud of ourselves to make it for that throwing so we didn't have to wait another 2 hours.
After that event, we went to purchase our own colors and had our own little festival throwing.
Soon enough we had quite the variety of color all over our bodies and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside!
We even got to run into our dear marrieds and the Wait sibs! That was such a treat!

Britt's friend, Lindsay, came a little late so we saved some colors to throw at her right before we left.

This event has been one of my favorite things I have done in Utah over the past few years. For all you Utah people who haven't done it before, I'd say it's worth it although it's now becoming a little too popular for my liking.
Festival 2012 was a great time with the help of some good company.

it was worth the pain and nastiness when it would get thrown into our eyes, mouth, and nose. 
Happy Festival Of Colors you filthy animals!