Highlights of 2010.

i look back on this year and realize that i was quite the busy bee.
i had some tough times, but i had some great times and feel very blessed.
i got a job, which i am continually grateful for every day.
i have taken many trips from Vegas, to Southern California, to Northern California, to Colorado, and to lovely Georgia.
i have had 2 roomies get married, who looked GORGEOUS and SO happy!
i have made great new friends/roomies and continue to strengthen relationships with those i've already known.
and i am always and forever grateful for the strength, examples, and love by my family.

yes, i'm a picture junkie so there are quite a few pictures to recap 2010.

December brought on:
Our first white Christmas in the ATL
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party hosted by these favorite roomies of mine.
Christmas Devo with these gorgeous girls and venturing around Temple Square to look at lights.
November brought on:
An unexpected trip to home for Thanksgiving spent with the Holders
Sara concert with this best friend of mine.
The most fantastic Pancake Roommate Breakfast Dance Party.
Our roommate photo session and counting my blessings for living with this awesome girls.
Rocket Summer concert that changed my life.
October brought on the never ending trips.
Went to Denver to say bye to this studly cousin, Dallin
Spent a night in Park City with some amigos.

Having Mommy come visit for Cal's bday weekend!
Vegas with these lovely ladies and Parker.
The unforgettable San Fran Braves Trip with the #1 Fans.
Aubrey Lynn visiting for Conference Weekend.
September brought on:
a fun weekend babysitting the Reeve girls.
LOVING my Job and so grateful I was hired at the beginning of the year.
Spending Labor Day Weekend with family at Lake Powell.
the epic John Mayer concert with this group.
Starting my last year of college.
August brought on:
spending my last weekend of summer with friends and at Mona Lake
Attending a Rodeo.
Going to Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews for free.
Many afternoons at the Utah pools and working on that tan.
Attending my gorgeous friends wedding reception.
July brought on:
Welcoming home Georgia friends
Attending Mormon Night with some EFY buddies.
Many days spent at the Lake with the fam bam.
Going to Disney World for free after our Florida EFY.
June brought on:
EFY. i love it forever and the AMAZING people I continue to meet.
celebrating the Grandparents wedding anniversary in Breckenridge, Colorado with my amazing family.
May was spent:
having this cute girl in Provo for 10 days
Surprising the kids and coming home for a few days in May and going to Six Flags
Cal and I purchasing our bikes for the summer in Provo!
Having a Cinco De Mayo Fiesta!
April brought on:
Tulip Festival with this hottie friend of mine.
Going to Southern California for this gorgeous Roomie's wedding!
Kayc and I being the die hard fans that we are and going to watch the Braves at the Padres Stadium. [we beat 'em..duh]
catching some rays and going on our yearly trip to Arizona with the fam bam.
March brought on:
The beginning of picnics with friends. [and the beginning of getting tan since I FRIED my face earlier that day.. haha]
and Vegas with these favorite boys of mine
February brought on:
Attending almost every basketball game for BYU
Going big and taking a trip to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate one of the best friends birthdays.
January brought on:
getting ready for the Olympics to come back by taking many trips to Park City to watch the aerial and snowboarding trials with friends. i LOVE the olympics!
and going tubing at Soldiers Hollow for free!

2010 has definitely had it's ups and downs, but I feel so blessed for everything I have done to get to where I am right now.
Bring on 2011.


White Christmas.

the beginning of the snow!

It's true, Atlanta, Georgia received a White Christmas this year.
First one for us.
First one in Atlanta since 1882.
What a treat it was!
Really, A Christmas Miracle!
Merry Christmas from the Sants :)