today was a great day.
i was able to spend it with people that I love more than anything and be home in Georgia. couldn't have wanted a better day. 
I reflected today on my life and realized how lucky and blessed I am. 

I am so grateful for so many things I have in my life....

My Family. including my awesome extended family. 
My incredible Friends.
My puppy, Becker. 
A Job I absolutely LOVE.
Belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Having a Heavenly Father who knows and loves me. 
My Health.
My new life and adventure in Arizona. 
The Atlanta Braves. 
All the experiences, the ups and downs, that I've had to go through to get where I am today.

the list could seriously go on forever; I have so many things I am thankful for. and it was a great day to reflect on those things. I'm on blessed and happy girl. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving :)



hunting for jobs is the WORST. 
it was just as bad as I remember it from searching last year in Provo. 
After 4 weeks of living here and not getting a single interview, I was definitely feeling discouraged. if i felt SO good about making the decision to move here, why weren't things falling into place yet? i was thankful i didn't pay rent yet as my money was slowly disappearing with other finances. 

After a very humbling experience, i finally had 2 job interviews!  the first one didn't go well at all and the second one was more what i wanted, a dental assisting position! Not only was it an interview, but it was going to be a working interview. i was slightly nervous, but ready for the challenge. I didn't know a single thing when it came to dentistry besides what anyone else would know going into a dental office.  And let me tell you, it was HARD. I had a lot to learn. i felt like I was back in school again, the dental field has this whole other language. so i was definitely learning a lot and working as hard as I could. to make a long story short, i wasn't getting enough hours and wasn't getting paid enough to really enjoy what I was doing. Not only that, but the office wasn't even that busy. Once the doctor told me she took another job that would be Monday-Thursday and I'd only work Friday and Saturday, I knew that was the final straw. So i started looking for another job. 
After a week, I hadn't applied for any jobs yet because I was so frustrated. I was back to square 1 again. job hunting. and i hated it just as much. but I decided one morning to apply for a few jobs before I headed out for the day. and to my surprise, I got a call a few hours later to come into a dental office for an interview! I was so excited! The office is in Phoenix, which is about 30 min from home, but they would be opening a new office in Mesa not even 10 min from my house! This dental office had such a great vibe. It was a Dad and 2 Son's who would work there, and a staff of about 10 other girls! It was a much busier, friendlier, and BETTER office than the current one I was at. Not only that, but the dentists are Mormon! Not that I need to always work with members, but it was so nice to know that these men shared my beliefs. And I felt so comfortable around them! I prayed so hard that I would get this job. It was better pay, better hours, better people, and a better atmosphere. And I'm happy to report, they offered me the job! In about a month the Mesa office will open and I will be the Office Manager there. I'm pretty excited to start up this office and help it succeed. I know it'll be challenging, but I'm really excited for it! So for the time being, I'm working in the Phoenix office (which can be killer when I have to be there at 6:45 am) and learning as much as I can before I head to the new office. I only had to go to my old office one day before I was completely done there. Although it wasn't what I wanted, I was grateful I had the opportunity and time to work at that office. I learned and grew a lot. I was grateful I was given the opportunity to train and learn about something I was interested in! 
 But it was such a relief to get out of that place. It wasn't making me happy. 
But this new job is. And I count my blessings every day for it. I feel like I won't be in that job hunting process for quite awhile now, and for that.. I am extremely grateful.


baby girl is turning 14!

Seriously, what?! I honestly can't believe my baby girl is turning 14 today! 
i just wish time would stop so she doesn't grow up anymore! we watched some of the most hilarious home videos a few months ago when she was just a little girl and have never laughed so hard! she is so entertaining and was the cutest thing ever! and she still is! it's fun to watch her grow up into this lady she is becoming!
Happy birthday to this darling, funny, energetic, selfless, dedicated, caring, beautiful, adventurous, considerate, stlyish, and loving little sister! And just a reminder, take a look here to read some other great things about this baby girl. 
Thanks for being such a loving and fun little sister and one of my best friends!! I remember the day you were born and was so excited to have another sister! I have watched you grow into this beautiful young woman and I am SO proud of you and all you have accomplished to become the person you are today! I wish I was in Georgia to celebrate with you today, but know that I am thinking of you! Thanks for being an amazing person in my life! I am so blessed to call you my sister and best friend!