Oh, hi sibs.

i really do miss these faces...
(yes, puppy counts)
and i never see these faces when i don't even live 5 min away from them...

where is my family?!
i kinda want them all in my life right now por favor.


a birthday shout out to Aubrey Lynn.

today is the day of birth of my wonderful cousin, Aubrey Lynn Calvert!
I have known this fabulous girl my entire life and I am SO grateful that no matter the distance, or the busy-ness in our crazy/different lives, we have remained so close to each other. I love her to death and don't know what I would do without her in my life.
She is so great for many reasons, such as:
1. One of my most favorite things about this lady is that she has a sense of humor and personality! There is never a dull moment when she is around...we tend to laugh A LOT when we are together. You should ask her to tell you a joke. She has some great ones up her sleeve. Without a doubt, she always brings a smile to my face.
2. Not only is she a great cousin, but an AMAZING best friend. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, or if she is super tired or super busy- she will take the time to listen to me as I share happy moments or sad, frustrating moments. I can always count on her to listen to me and will trust her with anything.
3. She is dedicated. I had the privilege to work with her for a year in Utah and she is an extremely hard worker. You could always count on her for anything. After that, she took a year off of school to work her tail off, and then applied for Fashion Design School in San Francisco and got in! It has always been her dream and I am so proud of her hard work to get there!
4. She knows how to have fun! We've done so many things together from going to Disney Land for a weekend, a cruise to the Hawaiian islands, and those oh-so-wonderful family reunions.
5. She has great taste in music. She knows what's in and what isn't and will always let me know the latest music if I haven't listened to it yet. She keeps me up to date. Not to mention, a FUN dancing partner!
6. She loves her family- She will always put family first. You know that she loves and cares for her brothers and parents SO much. Not only that, but she also shows so much love for the extended family. If you don't know our family, we are full of a lot of love for one another. And we are. I love that about us.
7. All in all, Aubrey Lynn is a great person to be around. If you don't know her, that's a shame because she is fantastic!

Obviously, I have a TON of more reasons why this lady is SO wonderful, but this will have to do.
So here's to you Aubrey Lynn. I hope you've had a marvelous birthday with your family out in San Francisco being the model that you are! You deserve the best! Thanks for always being such a great best friend/cousin! I wouldn't get through half of the crazy stuff in my life without you being there for me!
I can't wait to see you soon!


oh, hi stress.

thanks for deciding to come all at the same time.
you're a gem.



I sure do love this place.
It just takes my breath away every time I come to Lake Powell...if you remember last year, I am a little obsessed with this place. It's so beautiful and I am just so happy with life when I go.
This year was a little different. I got to go with my Grandparents, some aunts, uncles, cousins, Taylor, and Callie. It was weird not to have my parents and Cody and Lexie there, we missed them but we still had such a fun time with our extended family!

Just a few highlights:

My grandparents are precious. i love them and they made this trip possible :)

We woke up around 6:30 or 7:00 every morning to get the best of the water while we skiied and wakeboarded.

Our typical meal spot outside on the front of the boat...so chill and SUCH good food!
We visited our Victory Cove were we stayed last year... such sweet memories there.

We got on the front of our houseboat as it was moving. almost got busted by the Patrol for $1,000. oops.
well worth it though. i love my family.
The Sant Kids with Grandma Kay.
This was our little cove we stayed in this year. Loved it. It was so tiny that no other boat could possibly stay there so we had it all to ourselves.
Our Houseboat. 2nd Home.

We wanted to have bonfires, fireworks, and parties up in this sweet cove, but it never really happened. Oh well. Cute picture opportunity even if we are tiny.
The best part about Powell is that we are constantly in our swim suits and in the water doing fun things all day. It's just so relaxing and chill. I love it.
We helped Grandma husk some corn in preparation for dinner one night. We've been pro corn huskers. What up. I love Lake Powell Meals.
I love the night time at Lake Powell. These were our nightly sleeping arrangements, which were pretty comfy. Sleeping on lawn chairs with cushions and pillows and blankets. We would spend hours just talking about whatever and looking at millions of stars, satellites, and shooting stars. Such a cool experience.
We had our afternoon Tube Runs where everyone would get beat up and exhausted by the Uncles insane driving skills.
Example A. You can see Tay to the the bottom left of the tube and Justin's legs to the right.
We loved our early morning ski runsssss....
Callaman and I had our cereal nights too! Nothing like some sugar cereal at 10 pm! Only at Lake Powell.

It was such a fun Labor Day weekend! I love being totally secluded from the world; just relaxing all day long, in swim suits, without any worries.

I'm ready to go back again. Hurry up Summer.


last round.

I can't believe I am already taking on my last year of school!
Time has flown and it's a little scary to think that I will officially be a college graduate and out in the real world come April 2011.

And my Last, First Day of School EVER Picture was a must:

Happy Trails.


back in session.

well, it's back to school.
which means it's back to the busy life of school, work, and being social!
i do love the fall time here at BYU.
everyone is fresh, happy, and excited to be here!

I got to see a lot of EFY loves for a Sunday dinner the day before school started. I sure do love my EFY family and am so happy a lot of us are out here in Provo!
My old roomies and some other friends went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner to celebrate Lizzie's birthday! One of my most favorite restaurants. So delicious!
Jared was asked to play at BYU's Fall Fest this past weekend.
He had a pretty good support team and we cheered super loud for him! :)
Then these fabulous ladies and I went to a free Benton Paul concert where our roommate's Boyfriend opened for him. It was on the roof of a parking garage and so fun!
Saturday night was a marathon night with this lovely Roommate, Suzanne. We went every where and did every thing that night. We snatched these awesome glow-sticks from our Ward Party.
In just 3 days we had 4 apostles, our General Relief Society President, and the President of the Seventy come to BYU! How lucky are we to have these special opportunities. I love being here!
This was the morning after Stake Conference with all my roomies but one. I sure do love them!
That night we went to the Fireside and got front row seats thanks to Parker, Britt, and Nicole. So awesome! Elder Scott gave such a great and tender talk. Love that man.
Then it was another epic night to end the weekend. We went dessert/party hopping all night. Such a success. I have such fun friends and I love it.
So there you have it.
I love BYU.
I love Fall.
I love my Roommates/Friends.
I'm loving life.
Counting my blessings for sure.



3 of my favorite men.
Jack Johnson.
Dave Matthews.
John Mayer.

In less than 2 weeks I have seen all 3 of these men live in concert in Salt Lake City.
Jack and Dave were free, compliments to my friend Nick Barnes who gets free concert tickets through his job at a radio station.

So Jack Johnson was incredible! I think he sounds better live than on his CD's and his music is so good! I went with Nick, Em, and her co-worker, Curtis. We had a lot of fun dancing and singing to his tunes. I love me some Jack Johnson.
We got to ride in this van to the concert- we parked right in front, and it was free to park! So great. And people kept coming up to us asking for prizes and such. So hilarious.
A few days later, Nick and I went again with 3 of his friends to the Dave Matthews concert! We had 6 tickets and it was SO hard to find friends to come since everyone was home during the 2 week summer break. Insane. Sadly, they didn't let me take my camera in, so this is the only picture I got (stolen from Tati) It was a fun concert, but there were SO many people around us smoking and getting drunk so it wasn't too enjoyable.

Last night I went to John Mayer with a lot of friends! It was a BLAST! Owl City opened for them and it was really good too!
I met up with these favorite people of mine before the concert cause we weren't all sitting together.
I came with some of my favorites from my EFY team this past summer. Love them.
Here are 4 out of the 6 roomies. They are cute and I love them lots. We all got to go to the concert together so it was a blast!
These are my new friends. Some I've been friends with already like Zack and Jake, but we are all connected through EFY and Roomies. I love it. And I love new friends.
I got to meet up with Tay and Nick too. We all have some mighty love for John Mayer and were super excited to be there.
Here was the big group of cool kids I got to go to the concert with! It was such a blast! We all stood up and went a little closer to dance most of the time! John was amazing and played fabulous music!
After the concert, we did a little dancing in the parking lot while waiting for the traffic to die down and then went to the Sev to get slurpies and some peanut butter candy. We had the munchies. And we had a fun car ride.
So that concludes my summer concert series.
I am planning on attending many more in the next few months (hopefully).
I have become a concert junkie.
And i love it.