an early Christmas present :)

Every year the day before Christmas Eve
My family and another family from Church go to this amazing restaurant called
Stoney River.

Well, this years trip was a little more special.

As we are leaving the restaurant

Callie turns around and whispers "Francoeur"...

So I start looking and sure enough, in the booth to the left of us sat

Jeff Francoeur!
For those of you who arent familiar with this name...

he is the right fielder on the Atlanta Braves

AND the love of my life.

I didn't want to interrupt their nice Christmas dinner or anything so I just stared like an idiot while walking by.

Regardless, best Christmas ever :)
I am now ready for the Braves season to begin again.


dani said...

what the heck? you have a blog? ok well it's cute :) i'm glad i have a new person to stalk.

Ashley Kay said...

hahaha! yes i do! thanks dani!
looks like I have someone new to stalk as well... :)