Today Has Been A Good Day

Reason #1: Although it is only Spring Training, the Atlanta Braves came back from losing 7-2, to winning 8-7 today against the Astros. Maybe a predictor for this season? I sure hope so.

Reason #2: After waiting, somewhat patiently, to hear back from EFY for 5 weeks, I FINALLY found out today that I will be a counselor again this summer for both of the sessions in Georgia!! I just wonder why it took so long to find out this year? Talk about making me nervous!
However, I am extremely excited about this good news- I can't wait for the summer! :)

Overall, my day was pretty dang good.


Paige and Curtis said...

Yeah for EFY! We need a beach trip again this summer too!

Shannan Charlene said...

I absolutely love your Braves obsession Ash. It makes me happy.

Stu and Angie Milne said...

wahooo! that's awesome ash! i'm happy for youuuuu! when are you coming to az?

Ashley Kay said...

april 7-13th! i'm sooo excited!

Dani Stolworthy said...

yess! EFY!