Is it really just a week away??

Yes, it sure is! And I am so ready for another few weeks of EFY amazing-ness down at Breanau University in Gainseville, Georgia! I absolutely can't wait for all of this:

The mad rush of Registration-

Pumping up the kids at Orientation, where we begin to sweat for the rest of the week-

Getting drenched running to our meeting spot for FHE-

Dances in the hot ,hot, hot gym!-

Games Night, the moment where EVERYONE in the group loves each other, regardless of the frustration before hand to think of a cheer and make a banner- not to mention losing most of the games! But it's awesome!

And you can't forget the counselor clumping that always happens and the friendships that form-

Stuffing our faces with delicious pizza late at night-

Having an AMAZING BC who will color pictures for you because you call them ontime telling them your girls lights are off at night-

Making complete fools of ourselves, but no one even cares-

Not understanding fully how to do the service activity, but we do our best-

The trouble makers in the group that you can't help but laugh with-

Having some pretty sweet co-counselors that totally make or break the week at efy! I've always been lucky enough to have rockin' co-co's!

Singing/Crying the theme song to the Youth at the end of an amazing experience-

Staying up all night long catching 20 + kids trying to "rebel" the last night of EFY, really entertaining-

And you can't forget, all the Youth who make this week possible- They are the coolest kids ever!
It's so amazing to watch the kids grow so much over the week! They have such strong testimonies and help me grow as well. I think being a counselor is such a rewarding experience.

So you wonder why I just love EFY so much? All of this doesn't even give you the full aspect of it all! I'm ready EFY 2009, I can never get enough of your goodness.

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Kaycie Q said...

hip hip hooooraay! i can't wait to see your face soon, ms. ashley the kay girl!