September in Review...

So maybe September flew by and I've been kinda horrible on keeping up with my blog.
September hasn't been too bad of a month. I've gotten to see a lot of friends again (some after 2 years), the weather has been nice (until today), and school wasn't too stressful (for the most part)
So here's a little rundown of my life:

Late night walks with friends around Provo.

First home game of the season.
Spending time with family visiting in town.
Attending my first state fair ever.
Spending time with friends randomly stopping through town.
Dance parties with my favorites.

Almost all of us (from freshman year), plus some new, reuniting at Red Robin.
Having my best friend come visit for a weekend.

Cheering on the cougars.After 2 years, finally hanging out with my best friends again.

Movie Nights outside.

Getting messy at FHE (messy twister: involved chocolate ice cream-yuck, strawberry syrup, oatmeal, and flour... yum)

And just recently, my cousin/best friend- came to visit for the day. So great to see her! She's going to ROCK San Francisco!

So Provo life has been treating me pretty well. It's nice to be back in Provo and get back into the swing of things.

Upcoming events I'm looking forward to:
-More friends Visiting within the next few weeks
-General Conference (beyond excited for this... can't wait)
-Visiting Family in Denver for my cousins farewell
-Halloween... really, I cannot wait. I already have my costume.

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