That would describe the night Callie and I took our turn and camped out at the
Marriott Center last Wednesday night in preparation for the big rival basketball game against Utah that took
place on Saturday.
Call us crazy, weird, ridiculous, dumb, psycho. Whatever, we are hardcore and dedicated.
This is from the front of the line. We are the tent to the left of the Orange one on the bridge.

We even experienced some idiot who threw a firecracker over the bridge and it was literally less than 2 ft. away from our tent as we were sitting out of it talking with Jake and Taylor. Went off right in front of us. Luckily, no one was hurt- just a few holes in our tarp. No big deal. A big shout out to the classy people who did that.
(the aftermath)
This just in, this made it into Police Beat- a section in The Daily Universe Paper at BYU:
A fan camping out by the Marriott Center reported someone driving by and throwing firecrackers up on the balcony. The only damage was burnt holes in his tarp.

Let be honest, I was not looking forward to being outside for 10 hrs. in the middle of winter. I pretty much just hate the cold with a passion. However, I got a decent amount of sleep and really wasn't cold at all... Only my face when I would wake up occasionally.
So in case you ever decide to camp out, here are some things that helped us stay warm:
4 pairs of socks.
leggings, 2 pairs of sweatpants.
2 long sleeve shirts.
2 zip up hoodies.
hand warmers.
5 blankets.

So was it worth it? You bet. Definitely something I will never forget.
And not to mention, we had great seats for the amazing game! Way to go Cougs!


Paige and Curtis said...

Maybe one day I can be as hardcore as you!

The Calverts said...

You two are no fair-weather fans! Way to go. Glad it was worth enduring the cold. You lasted a lot longer than I would have!