brother bear!

You are almost a quarter of a century OLD now! holy moly!
But you are still fantastic in every way!

For instance, you are as much of a Braves fan as I am-
You know that family is important and love spending time with us-
You also love your cousins and like to spend time with them when you can-
You are a good older brother and take care of all your siblings-
You love spending time on the lake-
you're a GREAT example to me, clearly as seen below... :)
you are a great friend to others-
you love to play cards-
and last but not least... you are the star child of the fam bam. lucky you!

There are obviously other reasons why you are so great, but thanks for always being there and setting a good example to me and the other kids! Love you Brother Bear! Hope you have a fantastic birthday! :)

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