Growing Up?...

hmm it's not really on my to-do list at the moment.
I enjoy having too much fun and not caring what others think.
We had a YSA BBQ/hang out Friday night and had a fun time!
We started playing Rock Band... and this is how it ended up:

Let's just say we got way into it and ended up wearing ties on our heads and put paper clips in our noses and mouths. We looked and acted ridiculous, but we all had a blast!
Then a day later... I went to Juliana's wedding reception. Talk about feeling old! It was so weird to see one of my closest friends getting married, but she looked gorgeous and I am so happy for her! It was a great reception!

So I've come to this conclusion... I don't want to grow up... quite yet. I like where I am and what I do with life. I'll grow up eventually.

Those were my last few days in Georgia!! I sure do it miss already! There definitely is nothing like the south! And now its on to Utah!

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