Back to the Land of Provo!!!

Words cannot describe how great it is to be back in Provo!
I have definitely missed it and it's weird to think I've already been here for over a week now! It's been pretty busy the whole time too.
The day we got here, last Wednesday night,we had to deal with some issues. We head to Our new place and it wasn't even ready for us to move into and it was a disaster! So Kate's parents told us we aren't living there. So we proceeded the next day to move out ALL of our stuff
from the house and moved it into a Uhaul and began the process of searching for a new place. By 3:00 on Thursday after searching all day, we found a cute little house south of campus and moved in! There are still a few things that need to get done, but the house is looking good so far! It doesn't look too great from the outside, but its really cute! The only downfall is that I live semi-far from campus and I'm not in that apartment environment anymore. But I think it'll be a good thing and Kate and I will have a fun time. And our roommates seem to be pretty nice so we'll see how it turns out this year. I'm always up for new adventures.
So that was all figured out. Then Friday night at the BYU vs UGA soccer game, I could tell I was coming down with something. So I ended up being sick for the rest of Friday and basically all Saturday. I slept all day Saturday, except for the hour and a half I went to the Football game before I couldn't handle it anymore. I had to go to at least a little of our first home game so I'm glad I was able to go to a little of it. And I'm way excited about where we sit and who I sit with. It'll be a way fun season.
Luckily I felt better by Sunday night because Jared surprised us and came into town for a couple days before his sister Jenn went up to BYU-Idaho! It was so fun hanging out with him a couple times and going back to our good times Freshman year!!

Then Monday was my friend, Lizzie's birthday. So we went to Trafalga and mini golfed- I lost by 1!! And I got 2 hole in 1's too! It was a little dissapointing but I got over it quick. Then we went to Cafe Rio after that with everyone! It was fun to spend the last day of summer with friends and having a good time!

So now it's on to the joys of going back to school... It's looking like it will be a good semester. I'm only nervous about Western Humanities. I'm just hoping to survive that class.

But I'm really excited for the school year. I'm happy to be back and I think it'll be a fun year!

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