Exciting things coming up!

This Week:

-Festival of Colors!-
This is where a bunch of people get together at a Hindu Temple and throw color powder everywhere! I have been looking forward to this Saturday since last year. I was on my way to go last year but things didn't work out so we turned around and missed it. It was a bummer. However, I will definitely not miss the excitement this year! I cant wait to go!

Two Weeks from TODAY:
#1- Rascal Flatts new Cd, "Unstoppable" comes out! I am beyond works excited for this album! They never disappoint me with their music. I love it and can't wait to hear the new album! :)

#2- The best for last.. I leave for Arizona!!! The fam will be there for their Spring Break and the college kids get the privilege of joining them for a few days (I'll be there for 6 days! ) But I'm excited for warm weather, the pool, seeing the fam, and my cute little cousins!

Please let these next two weeks fly by!

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