Something I realllllly need...

I know between wants and needs and this... is a need.

I NEED a beach cruiser bike.

When it is so nice outside, all I want to do is be out there, riding a bike.

So this is what I decided, along with all the money I need to save up during the summer, I'm going to earn as much money as I can and buy a beach cruiser bike when I get back up to Utah for the fall. That way, I'll have it for a few months before it gets cold, and then I'll just be able to have one whenever I have the urge to go on a bike ride.

This will work. And I will have a bike by fall time. I just wish I had one NOW.

I don't seem to be very patient when it's something I just need to have this instant, but I will have to patient about this. shucks.

My afternoon will be spent searching for bikes.


Dani Stolworthy said...

ummm hello?!
beach cruiser's are amazing.
i asked for one for Christmas & no beach cruiser. I guess my parents don't see how vital it is.

Ashley Kay said...

seriously... we need to put parents up to speed.