My trip out West...

Ok... so it took a little longer than expected to update what's been going on in my life, but things have been a little crazy.

I got back from Utah about a week ago and had a lot of fun!

I started off going to my roommate, Vania's, wedding reception! It was a lot of fun and so relaxing and chill compared to most receptions. She looked beautiful and so happy!Kate and I went on a date to Trafalga to mini golf, where I managed to get 25 bug bites just around my ankles and feet, awesome huh?Then we ended the night with a trip to Spoon Me- amazing :)On Sunday, Logan and I went up to Alpine to see his family and hang out with them- we had a lot of fun! Logan, Parker, Kate, and I got to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House up in South Jordan one day- it was so beautiful inside!
And like I've said before, Kate and I went to the American Idol concert- which was a lot of fun!I got to meet up with some of my favorites one day for lunch at J Dawgs :)Kate and I attempted to take a temple trip, but the wait was over an hour, which I didn't have time for because I needed to pack
Then on Thursday, I had a layover in Denver for a night, which was a lot of fun cause I got to spend time with my family :)
It was a long and fun trip, but I'm excited to be home for a few more weeks before it's time to head back out west again :)

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