Where to even begin?

I don't know where these past few weeks have gone! It's already mid August and I leave for Provo on Monday! School starts in 2 1/2 weeks for me and school has already begun around here! It's crazy how fast time has been flying! I'm ready to get out to Utah to start up classes, go to football games, and see my friends...especially those who have returned from missions :) ! I'll be sad to leave my family and the beautiful state of Georgia. 
Here are some recent things that I have been up to:
1. Warped Tour: It was my first time going and it was sooo crazy! It was insanely hot and definitely a lot of interestingpeople! It was a bunch of rocker bands that I have never heard of besides 3OH!3, The White Tie Affair, and Forever the Sickest Kids. But I really liked the ones I went to go see! It was a ton of fun and I got to spend time with some of my favorite people! 
2. Braves Weekend: That weekend, some EFY Friends, Rachel, Kate, and Kaycie all came down to visit! So Rach and I met up with Kaycie and her friend, Mckell at the Braves game Friday Night. Then Saturday Rach, Kate, and I went with my family to the game. Callie also had her roommate, Rebecca in town so she was with us too! And I got to do something I've always wanted to do! Kate, Rach, and I got our faces airbrushed! I was very excited! So it was a funfilled weekend with my girls and going to the Braves Games!! :)

So it doesn't seem like much has been going on, but I've just been extremely busy! I also went on a mini vacation this past weekend, but I'll save that for another post soon! :)

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