Home for the Holidays

Winter Break was great. It was so nice and relaxing to be back at home with my family to celebrate Christmas, My 22nd Birthday, and New Years.
I feel like we don't get a long enough break, so sadly it flew by pretty fast.
But here are the highlights of my trip back to the South:

Got to see some friends that I haven't seen for a long time!
Made our traditional Christmas Cookies:
Went to the Bishop Storehouse:
Decorated our Christmas Cookies:
Went to Stoney River:
Went to the Christmas Eve Program:
Had our annual Christmas Eve party!
Got new Christmas Jammies:
Celebrated my 22nd Birthday:
Birthday Lunch at Zaxby's:

Birthday Dinner at Ichiban:
Rang in the New Year in downtown Atlanta for the Peach drop:
Saw some of my favorite EFY friends! :

So overall, it was a great break.
I miss home already.

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The Grays said...

oh its looks like you had such a nice break! happy belated birthday! :)