California Love.

After talking about this trip to California for months, it has now come and gone.
do you notice a pattern? I feel like time just flies!
California was such a blast though!
With driving so much, we definitely had some interesting and hilarious road trip adventures!

So, this first night we got to California, Kaycie and I happily attended the Braves vs. San Diego Padres game! It was kinda fun to be hated by everyone, and even better because we won! I was so happy I got to see my boys play! I won't see them again until June!
Our first full day, we went around the San Clemente area. We stopped by the Rainbow Outlet:
Then drove to Newport Beach to pay a little visit there:
Friday was wedding preparation day! We decorated and set up for the reception down in Palm Spring and the bridesmaids and sisters got pedicures as well! :)
The day of the wedding I said bye to the cutest little Nichol kids, Beck and Reese! It was so fun to stay with them and hang out with them for a little bit! Thanks so much Katie and Tanner!
Kate looked GORGEOUS and was glowing! I was so excited and happy for her! It was a perfect day!

Then we drove down to Palm Springs for the Reception that night. It was a carnival theme and the bridesmaids were in charge of making sure that the food was continually stocked up. But it was a great reception! There was plenty of food, fun treats- including ColdStone being catered!, and much laughing and dancing! It was so fun to celebrate Garrett and Kate's marriage! I am so happy for them and all the adventures they will have in the future!

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