bye bye january.

hi blogging world, yes i'm still alive. 
and January is gone? Let's be honest, I was more than happy to say adios.. January is probably my least favorite month of the year. The months of Holiday season have just ended and the weather is at it's worst. (except what's up with this Utah weather? we've had legit snow ONCE this ENTIRE season. but I really am not complaining) 
January was a pretty good month though. Here are some highlights for ya:

I've mentioned before how my friends are pretttttty stellar. 
Case in point: The week I get back to Utah, Becky, Brit, and I decide to meet up for dinner to plan Nicole's bridal shower. Little did I know, it ended up being a late surprise birthday dinner for me with some of my favorite people in the entire world. Those sneaky girls. I was SHOCKED. seriously, had NO clue. I just took my time with Becky shopping around the mall thinking we were waiting on Britt to get down here from PG. But nope, it was a plan for me. It was such a fun time! I really feel lucky to have such AMAZING friends. Count my blessings every day.
IBeauty and the Beast 3D.
Is it weird that I still get goosebumps and emotional during the Disney movies?
Nope. I love every minute of that childhood memory. 
Still showing my love and support for my BYU Cougars at a Men's Volleyball Match
Trying to show the snow we had for about 1 day. So much for that. 
Mia's 24th birthday at the Pizza Pie Cafe to celebrate this wonderful occasion with all these people who love her.
Celebrating Birthday Buddy Brandon's bday at Red Robin with all my Georgia friends. The best part of it besides being able to spend time with people who got me through high school, our friends Dad ended up paying for ALL of our meals! Seriously?! Such a tender man. I love my friends from home and really want to try hanging out with them more because they are great people. It was a fun night catching up. It felt like I was in highschool all over again hanging out with them every night.
CES Firside. Thanks to the fabulous B. Dahlin, we got to sit in the floor seating. VIP.
The Reeve girls and I have a tradition to celebrate everyone's birthdays with a cake whenever I come up to babysit or hangout. It was mine and Brookie's turn to enjoy a special cake for our birthdays we missed over the holidays. I sure do love hanging out with these crazy and fun girls! 
And to end January on a high note, Cousin Cory decided to come with his Dad for the day to watch the BYU Basketball Game vs. St Mary's!  Cory will be on the team next year and has never even been to a game so I think it was about time ;) But I enjoyed spending time with the cousins and brother that night with a good dinner at Brick Oven and then going to The Chocolate for some dessert. If you've never been there, you should probably go sometime. 
 I sure do love this cousin of mine and can't wait for him to be out here this summer!!!
So that was MOST of January. Had a visitor and a mini trip in between it all that I will blog about shortly. Happy February! 

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