A Last Minute Visitor and Vacation!

Over the MLK Holiday weekend (even though it's not a holiday at my work, so lame) Cody Bear decided to come out for a visit! He gave us about a 3 day notice so you could say we weren't expecting it, but SO happy he was able to come out!
Tay and Cody skiied the first two days which made it easy on me to just stay at work. 
The first night Mama and Papa treated us to PF Changs with a gift card. It was delicious!!! It'd definitely been awhile since I've been there so it was very much enjoyed. Thanks Mom and Dad! 
Then we decided to be crazy, because we are young (ish) and can, right? So we left Friday night along with my dear friend, Carter, for a quick trip to Denver. We didn't pull into the grandparents place till about 3:30. I was exhausted considering I drove the worst part of the drive... 10:45-3:00 while the boys all slept. It was killer. 
The next day we got to go to my cousin, Cory's, highschool game. Cory will be playing for BYU next year so it was exciting to be able to watch him play! Plus, it was against their rival so the place was PACKED and HOT, but still so fun! And they won the game! 
Cute Brenley and I also just happened to be matchy matchy that day too! I'll take that as a compliment for having good taste cause she is such a fashionista! 
After the game, we rounded up some good football food- LOTS (like way too much) of pizza, wings, celery/carrots, and Dr. Pepper (cause we are Calvert's) and headed to my cousins, Courtney and TJ's house to watch the Bronco's playoff game. Sadly, they lost, but it was fun to spend time with all the fam bam. 
I seriously can't wait for this kid to be out in Provo this summmmmmer! 
After church the next day, we headed to Cory and Brenley's house to hang out and play some cards for a few hours before we headed back to Provo. 
AND, this studly man, Mr. Brian Mooney, lives in Denver now so he was able to stop by my Grandparent's house for a little bit to catch up on our lives. I sure do miss this kid, but I was glad I got to see him!
Somehow, we managed to survive another gruesome drive back to Provo, getting in around 3:00 am. Carter and I both had to work the next day so we tried sleeping the last 3 hours of the trip, which didn't work too well. I never can sleep in cars. So you could say the next day at work was exhausting. 
But I was able to take a little lunch break and meet up with the brothers at In N Out that day. Cody would have eaten there for every meal if he had a choice. He loves that place! 
That night we all met up and went to Zupa's! Being with 2 of my best friends and my 2 favorite brothers was such a treat. Nicole FINALLY got to meet Cody and Becks FINALLY got to be reunited with Cody! I'm so glad that my family likes my friends and my friends like to be with my family! 
And sadly, our weekend trip with the baby brother was over! I'm so glad he got to come out since he never takes trips by himself! It definitely was a fun/crazy weekend and I'm glad I was able to spend it with family! 
See you in a few months Cody Bear! 

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emilymcb said...

So fun! Brother visits are the best!