hunting for jobs is the WORST. 
it was just as bad as I remember it from searching last year in Provo. 
After 4 weeks of living here and not getting a single interview, I was definitely feeling discouraged. if i felt SO good about making the decision to move here, why weren't things falling into place yet? i was thankful i didn't pay rent yet as my money was slowly disappearing with other finances. 

After a very humbling experience, i finally had 2 job interviews!  the first one didn't go well at all and the second one was more what i wanted, a dental assisting position! Not only was it an interview, but it was going to be a working interview. i was slightly nervous, but ready for the challenge. I didn't know a single thing when it came to dentistry besides what anyone else would know going into a dental office.  And let me tell you, it was HARD. I had a lot to learn. i felt like I was back in school again, the dental field has this whole other language. so i was definitely learning a lot and working as hard as I could. to make a long story short, i wasn't getting enough hours and wasn't getting paid enough to really enjoy what I was doing. Not only that, but the office wasn't even that busy. Once the doctor told me she took another job that would be Monday-Thursday and I'd only work Friday and Saturday, I knew that was the final straw. So i started looking for another job. 
After a week, I hadn't applied for any jobs yet because I was so frustrated. I was back to square 1 again. job hunting. and i hated it just as much. but I decided one morning to apply for a few jobs before I headed out for the day. and to my surprise, I got a call a few hours later to come into a dental office for an interview! I was so excited! The office is in Phoenix, which is about 30 min from home, but they would be opening a new office in Mesa not even 10 min from my house! This dental office had such a great vibe. It was a Dad and 2 Son's who would work there, and a staff of about 10 other girls! It was a much busier, friendlier, and BETTER office than the current one I was at. Not only that, but the dentists are Mormon! Not that I need to always work with members, but it was so nice to know that these men shared my beliefs. And I felt so comfortable around them! I prayed so hard that I would get this job. It was better pay, better hours, better people, and a better atmosphere. And I'm happy to report, they offered me the job! In about a month the Mesa office will open and I will be the Office Manager there. I'm pretty excited to start up this office and help it succeed. I know it'll be challenging, but I'm really excited for it! So for the time being, I'm working in the Phoenix office (which can be killer when I have to be there at 6:45 am) and learning as much as I can before I head to the new office. I only had to go to my old office one day before I was completely done there. Although it wasn't what I wanted, I was grateful I had the opportunity and time to work at that office. I learned and grew a lot. I was grateful I was given the opportunity to train and learn about something I was interested in! 
 But it was such a relief to get out of that place. It wasn't making me happy. 
But this new job is. And I count my blessings every day for it. I feel like I won't be in that job hunting process for quite awhile now, and for that.. I am extremely grateful.


Brooke said...

I'm so glad you found a job Ashley! If anything happens and you have to go searching again (heaven forbid) I've got some great connections at a car dealership I worked at for a couple years. I've got your back girl, but I hope it doesn't ever become necessary! I'm happy you're doing well!

KaycieQ said...

So glad you love it! There is nothing better than loving your job!

Anonymous said...


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