baby girl is turning 14!

Seriously, what?! I honestly can't believe my baby girl is turning 14 today! 
i just wish time would stop so she doesn't grow up anymore! we watched some of the most hilarious home videos a few months ago when she was just a little girl and have never laughed so hard! she is so entertaining and was the cutest thing ever! and she still is! it's fun to watch her grow up into this lady she is becoming!
Happy birthday to this darling, funny, energetic, selfless, dedicated, caring, beautiful, adventurous, considerate, stlyish, and loving little sister! And just a reminder, take a look here to read some other great things about this baby girl. 
Thanks for being such a loving and fun little sister and one of my best friends!! I remember the day you were born and was so excited to have another sister! I have watched you grow into this beautiful young woman and I am SO proud of you and all you have accomplished to become the person you are today! I wish I was in Georgia to celebrate with you today, but know that I am thinking of you! Thanks for being an amazing person in my life! I am so blessed to call you my sister and best friend!


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