Rojas Wedding!

[before i begin...I know that I have been the WORST at blogging these past few months. I've gone through spans of being completely over the whole thing and spans of wanting to write just for my sake. So, it's back to the blogging world (hopefully).... ]

Almost 3 months ago, Miss Rachel Huey was married to Bryce Rojas in Oakland! And she was a beautiful bride for sure!
Have you been to this temple?! It has now become one of my favorites! The grounds are absolutely GORGEOUS and the temple is just breathtaking. I loved it!
Rachel was STUNNING! I'm so happy for her! It was so fun to celebrate a wonderful day for one of my closest friends. 

 And not only that, but 3 of my other best friends were bridesmaids with me! This is a friendship product of EFY. I'm telling you people, EFY does WONDERFUL things. I'm so blessed I've gotten to know and love these women that are in my life! 
Sidenote to this picture, we've taken so many pictures like this at EFY, it was a must! And it turned out so perfect!
And we were happy to welcome Bryce into our "cul-de-sac" family! We all joke (but in all seriousness) say that one day we will all live in the same cul-de-sac with our families. So we definitely have the approval stamp for Bryce!

The day was perfect and it was a fun time to reunite with some fabulous ladies I haven't seen in quite some due to the fact that none of us did EFY together this year and I have moved to Arizona. I have really missed this people in my life! 

And we can't forget Mr. Alejandro Miguel in the mix either! This kid can brighten up anyone's day with his laugh or his witty comments. I've missed seeing this friend of mine. So happy he's with Kaycie forever so I can still see him. 
The reception was the following day so the gang hit the streets of San Francisco for some exploring. So we all took our first ride on the BART. It started off great when we realized after 20 minutes we were going the wrong way. Win. But after a 45 minute ride, and 45 minute walk... we made it to Pier 39! Just in time for everything to close. haha. 
And made it over to where all the sea lion's gather and Kayc was in heaven. They were also very entertaining to just observe and listen to. We loved it. 
And in all honesty, I just loved being with my fabulous friends! So it was totally worth it!
The next night was their reception at Bryce's Aunts house, which was GORGEOUS! 
There was the most tender Daddy/Daughter dance that left no dry eye in the house. Her parents were so tender and I loved getting to spend time with them too! I can see why Rachel is the way she is, because she was raised by such wonderful parents!
And look who is getting married next?! But for real.. they weren't engaged yet here, but Wedding Bells are going to be ringing in Orlando in May! So excited for Nina and Ricky! I'm glad we could all meet Ricky before we invited him to our cul-de-sac. (and we weren't joking around)
The trip went by way too fast. But what a wonderful weekend we had in California celebrating the wedding of another incredible couple! I am so happy for them and their adventures that lie ahead! I'm so grateful to have met such amazing people who have now become some of my closest friends thanks to EFY. 
And not to mention, the sister and brother-in-law made a little stop in! After the reception, I stayed the night with them and they took me to the airport the next day! I'm glad I could squeeze a little family time in on this short trip! 
Congrats Rachel and Bryce! I'm so happy for the two of you! Love you both! :)


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