Summer is finallllly here!!

My teacher was so great and decided to schedule a final for the last day, and at 5:45. did I mention it was for Humanities? Yes, annyoing. I am so relieved that my tests are OVER!
I am officially done with my 3rd year of college! I remember my first day out here and now it's just flying by! I don't feel like I'm getting that old yet!
I am sad the semester is over because that means I am leaving Provo.. yes, I said it. Provo has grown on me only cause it's where I have lived the majority of these last 3 years and I hear how amazing Spring/Summer is.

However, I love Georiga and I am SO excited to be there and see my family for a few months... and of course, I'll attend at least a few Braves games... maybe a lot. :)

But, I head out next Tuesday so a few more days to party it up in Provo until next time (which I hope is sooner rather than later)

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