always the event planner.

Here's something I have realized over the past few months or so:
I think everyone I know will always contact me to coordinate events/get togethers.
Whether it be a big get together to socialize and in some cases, reunite, or meeting up for a meal with family or friends. This can even include organizing rides and such to places.
In any situation, I end up being put in charge to coordinate. Not necessarily choose where we go all the time- but I seem to always be the first one anyone will contact and then I will contact "the others" and figure out when is the best time/day for everyone to meet up.
I also am the one who will somehow become in charge of organizing get togethers.
Even when I am out of town and visiting family or whoever- everyone will ask me what are the plans and what we should do. Go figure.
Don't get me wrong, this is a compliment to me.
It's like everyone knows I can handle it, which I can.
I love planning things- my only fear is people might not want to do what I have in mind. I am such a people pleaser.
Anyways, it just made me think...
Maybe I should be an event planner?


Stu and Angie Milne said...

you DO bring people together ash! it's true! maybe you would rock at that job :)

Kaycie Q said...

i vote yes!