Dear Callie Cakers,

Happy 20th Birthday to my ADORABLE, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC Sister!
I cannot believe that you are already 20 now! These years have just flown by so fast! And I'm so glad that I have been there to watch you grow up into the beautiful and fun woman that you are! (yes, you are now a woman) You have been such an amazing sister and you are my best friend. I really am so blessed that I have always been a part of your life. You have helped me become who I am today and have always been there for me! I don't know what I would do without you in my life!
I could write down a million reasons why I love you, but here's just a few:

You are easily loveable- everyone who knows you, loves you instantly:
You are such a good friend to others:
You are a good student:
You know how to have fun:
You are very athletic :)
You spice up life in our family; I couldn't imagine it without you:
You have style:
You are a great and loving sister:

You are always there to make me laugh or laugh with me at the stupid things I do
You share the same passion and love for the Atlanta Braves:
You are always there to support me:
You are a good cook:
You have secret talents:
You love to sing and dance and party:
I love you Callie Cakers!
I hope you have the best day EVER!
Thanks for being my best friend :)

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Camille said...

Ash, you summed it up perfectly! Happy Birthday beautiful and talented Callie Cakers!