just a little excitement to share.

First Reason: I received an email yesterday afternoon saying that I am officially going to be a BC for EFY next summer in the Southeast! :)
A BC is a Building Counselor- basically I will be over around 8 counselors to support, guide and assist them with their duties.
So more duty, more responsibility, more fun.. I am so ready for this new and exciting adventure :)
Southeast has 3 sessions: The 2 in Georgia and 1 in St. Petersburg, Florida!
So far, I know my co-counselor from 2008, Andre, will also be a BC- so that'll be fun!
And even better- I'm going to have AMAZING Field Coordinators (THE BOSS)- Kaycie and Daniel!)
So you can say I'm kinda lucky and kinda, really excited. :)

Second Reason: Last day of classes are today. Which means, I'm done with this semester. I've finished 2 finals already and have 2 more! The end is in sight!

Which brings me to my Third Reason: I GO HOME ONE WEEK FROM TODAY :) No more freezing temperatures and snow for at least a few weeks! And yes, I was just home about 3 weeks ago, but I love going home for Christmas time! And I'm excited to see the family again!


The Grays said...

ohhhh you are coming to st. pete!! we live in tampa! we live like 45 mins from st. pete! oh thats exciting!

The Calverts said...

Hip, hip, hooray! Congrats Ash, that's awesome! What lucky counselors and youth to get you..