"Why we go through hardship is something that is necessary. Life wasn't meant to be easy, we all know that one."

Seriously, Stephanie Nielson is one of the most amazing and inspiring woman. I feel so selfish for how I complain about things that are so small and stupid. And here is this amazing woman who almost lost her life, her children, her husband, everything.
For those who don't know her story, she was in a plane crash with her husband in August 2008 and was in a coma for months. Over 80% of her body was burned badly and she has to go through many surgeries and physical therapy. She is going through much more than I could ever imagine, yet she remains grateful and positive. She has uplifted me and I'm sure many others who read her blog.
I've become so inspired and touched from her stories on her blog. I have so much to be grateful for.
My life, my health, my family, the gospel, my education, my friends, and the list can go on.
She truly is an amazing person and she has helped me focus on the important things in life.
Thanks NieNie.

Check out her blog. Click on the NieNie Dialouges button on the right side of my page.

"Be grateful and humble in your lives, for God truly is Good."
-Nie Nie

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Kaycie Q said...

aren't you glad i introduced you?! :]