...ever heard of them?
If you attend BYU, then you have.
If you haven't, this is an amazing all girl A Cappella group that currently attends BYU.
And they are on this NBC reality show called The Sing Off!
It showed last night, will air tonight, and if they make it passed this round, they'll continue to tomorrow's show and hopefully the live finale on Monday!
So tune in and watch! It's seriously so amazing to hear all these different A Cappella groups sing!
And not to mention, it's so exciting that a group from my own school is on it! They have SO much talent. It's incredible!
Watch the show from last night here
If you just want to watch Noteworthy, they are on Chapter 4!


The Grays said...

oh i kinda saw them as i walked in the door tonight. clark was watching it and said they lost :(

Dani Stolworthy said...

i watched the tail end...
so were they the ones kicked off last night?

Ashley Kay said...

yesssss, so sad!