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I can't believe we are already reaching the end of March! It's unreal how the semester is almost over! Seriously, where did it go?!
So besides the nice weekend trip to Vegas, here's the latest that's been going on in life:

I got to go to the Jazz/Hawks game with my Georgia friends about a month ago- and don't worry, the Hawks won :)
My friends and I went to celebrate Cameron's birthday at Cheesecake Factory too! It was SO worth it and SO delicious!
We attended the last BYU Basketball Home Game of the Season, and we sadly lost it.
My amazing grandparents came to visit during a random weekend! They are the best and I was so happy I got to see them!
Kayc had a Baseball Birthday Bash during a weekend and it was a lot of fun!
And.... we celebrated Kaycie's real birthday with much delicious food outings that day :)
So it doesn't seem like much has happened considering those are basically the only pictures I've had for the last month, minus Vegas.
But school was also a little hectic, many midterms, many papers, and lots of reading. But that's set aside, (at least for this week). So for now, I'm gonna enjoy this week and relax.
But it's been a good month, and I'm looking forward to warmer weather, and more vacations (Arizona in 10 days, California in 3 weeks- but who is counting?) and all the exciting things happening this next month!
Bring it on April :)

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