is it just me?

Where the heck did February go?!
It's officially March 1st and I am SO happy about it! :)
There are just a FEW reasons I could think of about why I'm so pumped-

We are closer to this:
Spring Weather
and this:
Spring Training Officially Starts TOMORROW!
going to get a little messy here:
Festival of Colors, one of the greatest things EVER!
Almost time to go here:
General Conference! LOVE THIS!
Almost going here:
Arizona for the Fam Bam's Spring Break
and closer to going here:
California in April for Kate's Wedding :) Plans include: Braves Game (details later), Ellen Degeneres, DisneyLand, Beach, Sun, Wedding, San Diego :)
and this:
and, of course, SOOOO pumped for this:
efy- when am I not excited about this?

So you get the picture.
Welcome to March folks.
We're on to bigger and better things :)


Kaycie Q said...

I LOVE MARCH. and you too my dearie.

gini said...

oh man I am so excited for all of the above. Especially our trip to the CA!!! LOVE YOU!

Emily said...

Can we be blog friends?