biker gang.

yes- sister, liz, and i bought bikes today!
Meet Zoe:
i'm in love with it!
and i'm excited to ride around the streets of Provo this summer!


Spencer and Sara said...

I love Zoe. I want one!!!

Anonymous said...

A few days ago you had to a post up (that was deleted)? about being happy just this once and wanting luck.

Ashley, you are wonderful. You do NOT need "luck" to be happy. If this "luck" is referring to having a relationship, a relationship is NOT what makes you happy. Once you are in a relationship, you will find other things to not be happy about. Your happiness should not be dependent upon other people or things that happen in your life. Learn to be happy no matter what, so that you can enjoy this beautiful life that Heavenly Father has given you. Try to find the beauty in the present. You deserve it :)

Anonymous said...
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