springtime in provo!

This is my first time staying in Provo for the Spring and Summer and it has been a ton of fun! I can't believe I've been out of school for over a month now! Although we are still getting snow (5 inches yesterday? seriously?) there has been BEAUTIFUL days where we've spent time outside riding bikes, playing tennis, having picnics, and just playing!
Along with that, here's some of the highlights during the springtime:

Kayc and I went to the Tulip festival! This is the largest man-made waterfall in North America!
Had our own little Cinco de Mayo party including our pinata, Juanes
Attending a wedding with friends in Salt Lake City
Sunday picnics
Doing a little cleaning and service with our ward
Celebrating birthdays
And going to a new favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. it's so delicious.

It's been fun being here this time of year! Not to mention it's much more enjoyable when I'm only working and not going to school! I love it :)


Jenna said...

mmm texas roadhouse is soooo good. i love their cinnamon honey butter and rolls!

Kaycie Q said...

i wish we could play more. dang work and school! :( love you!